Poco discounts four smartphones in India

06 January 2021
The Poco M2, Poco M2 Pro, Poco X3, and Poco C3 got their prices slashed.

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  • Carol

Did not even knew Proco already released so many disposibles. Apparently they are fast on printing

  • Essen

In fact, prices for the 8GB RAM version has gone up by 1k.

  • Pete

Notice the phone companies, actually everything sold, they state one price the show a discounted price as if the have really given you a lower price. The reality is the lower price is not a discount and it is not even the lowest price. They are using marketing subliminal trickery to get gullible consumers to buy buy buy.

  • Anonymous

Surely the have stellar sales that they have to do this. (not the M3 of course).

  • Anonymous

Still not worth it after this "discount".
Poco used to be a bang for the buck device, now it's only a sub-par lineup in an ocean of similar devices released by this company and BBK spawns

  • Aditya Rane

Not a single phone worth the asking price.
Poco X3 6/128 should have a price of 15,999INR.

Realme has better devices in that price range (Realme 7/7Pro).

  • Kostolac

Poco X3 128gb in Serbia 240 Euro. New new

  • Anonymous

As much I remember, the old prices listed here they are MRP. The phones were already available cheaper than that price tag.

  • Anonymous

These models were already at these low rates with card and banks discounts since two months. Once the sale pipleline thinned, they made it official now..still all models are expensive by a 1k for their features.

  • Baji

I got the poco X3 6gb/128gb for rs 15999..during Christmas sale.this is not updated

Andreidinutu, 06 Jan 2021How are they so cheap in india how just hooowBecause its Xiaomi , look at iPhone/Pixel prices in India, these both are highest in the world.

  • Anonymous

Andreidinutu, 06 Jan 2021How are they so cheap in india how just hooowBecause Indians boycott all overpriced products.
Unlike USA, they have lot of options there. A company cannot survive their without offering great phones at cheap prices

  • parth

There is nothing special. All models are already sold at the "so called" discounted rates since their launch. Its just a marketing gimmick.

How are they so cheap in india how just hooow

  • Anonymous

Down to more appropriate prices