Donald Trump’s Twitter account has been suspended [Update: permanently]

09 January 2021
Edit: Trump has officially been permanently banned from Twitter.

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MATE 30 PRO, 07 Jan 2021If I were a Huawei executive, and after what happened yeste... moreYou got to be from clouds to think that this important things are decided by one person.

Ban of Huawei was decided by a lot of people in power, all for maintaining the power for US.

We can have a bet about how "quick" the ban will be lifted after Biden. It won't

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Anonymous, 09 Jan 2021Great job... Accuse someone of inciting violence without pr... moreThey unblocked him for a little, he started again, so don't complain about them not letting him defend himself. Homestly, we have literal Nazis in my country and they are still better people than Trump supporters.

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Anonymous, 09 Jan 2021If they can permanently shut down the president even before... moreThey let him tweet racist, illiterate, lying, violent, conspiracy nonsense for four years before they finally did it. You can't complain now. You've been warned. We have bigger problems on this planet than having to deal with people like him, such as climate change, poverty and fundamentalism. Next!

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Anonymous, 09 Jan 2021Don't worry, they celebrate the unpersoning of one ind... moreNo logic in your post. If people had a life - a creative, social, artistic, technological, literate life, they wouldn't be supporting Trump.

  • Anonymous

Great job... Accuse someone of inciting violence without proof and then ban that individual (shutting down their free speech technically not allowing them to defend themselves)
Great job.... Slow 👏

  • pt020

Finally the US and Cuba have the same freedom of speech.

  • Anonymous

sr777, 09 Jan 2021This article shouldn't be on GSMA. Don't worry, they celebrate the unpersoning of one individual they never had to think about if they had their own lives to attend to, whether or not it's written about.

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anhar.muhammad, 09 Jan 2021Wow. So easy to cancel President nowIf they can permanently shut down the president even before the next one gets inaugurated, imagine the power Big Tech have....

This article shouldn't be on GSMA.

Wow. So easy to cancel President now

  • Anonymous

Lyndino, 08 Jan 2021You do realize it wasn't Trump who did the damage but ... moreROFL a spotted a trump supporter.

KimbraMe, 09 Jan 2021What actually is "black," "white," and ... moreHow do I know if they are African American or some immigrant from Africa?
How do I know if they are a white guy from Europe or elsewhere? How do I know, who is Japanese or Vietnamese from a video?

  • AnonD-923722

Later USA will ban trump from the country because of intentionally banning innocent Chinese companies

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2021I don't understand why this is on Gsmarena. Is this t... moreI was thinking the same thing the 1st time they posted this.

Good. Children shouldn't have Twitter accounts anyway.

  • Josepe

How is thia connected to tech world?

Android Authority, 09 Jan 2021Hunter Biden story wasn't mis-information. Fbi records... moreWhat actually is "black," "white," and by extension, _pink_, _red_, and _yellow_? Are there people with such skin colors? That's racist in itself. African-American, Asian-American, European-American, Latino, Indian, Vietnamese, etc. Some people have more melanin than others.

Anyway, nice points over there...just poor language. Then, as someone asked, what's this doing on Gsmarena? Seems Twitter balderdash is tech news for some tech giant out there. 😏

  • Anonymous

PvZ1 Rocks, 09 Jan 2021Popcorn, anyone? imagine (actually imagine it) how Trump is feeling rn. That will need loads Popcorn