Xiaomi Mi 10i now available for Amazon Prime, Mi Reward members, general sale starts tomorrow

07 January 2021
Carrier Reliance Jio is offering benefits “worth INR 10,000”, though it's more complicated than it sounds.

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  • Momo

Damn that's a sexy phone! I don't know like I've realized that the hardware isn't as good as a Samsung but the AI technology and their photos make it for me personally I'm not a photographer but for a phone camera just as good as any of the higher end devices

  • SuperSafTV

Low quality 108 mp sensor for marketing purpose, battery capacity is lowered, no carrier aggregation for 4g bands, LCD display (unlike amoled on samsung M51 and Realme 7 pro), miui as always unoptimized only left to fix after device is sold to consuers, so what's the hype about?

  • hieutm

how can i buy this phone from vietnam?

  • Anonymous

gimmick camera and 5g

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]If Amazon India is selling this phone in India along with the accompanying offers for Indian customers, why should the currency not be in Indian Rupees and why should it be in dollars?

  • Anonymous

onesujeet, 07 Jan 2021Xiaomi needs to understand that big numbers doesn't me... moreResults aren't a gimmick. And neither is sensor size. That's the spec that is impressive about that module.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]just use google to convert it into $$$ and stop crying

  • chou

not so exciting

Xiaomi needs to understand that big numbers doesn't mean great performance. 108MP camera is a gimmick .