Nokia 6.3/6.4 appears in renders with quad camera and notched display

08 January 2021
It's rumored to go official before April.

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GSMarena was lazy with this, I don't believe that this will be the design πŸ˜‚ even their cheap phones of late 2020 look much more modern, so clearly next 6 series phone will look better

  • Can

S.P., 25 Jan 2021I bought a Nokia 6.0 right away when it became availabe - a... moreI had Nokia 6 too. But I could only use it for 1 year before I was fed up with how slow the CPU was. Other than that it was a really good phone. Then I switched to Nokia 7 Plus which I still use.

  • ike

I've happily used my 6.1 from early 2018 until now, but have to look for a replacement once the update support is over. I hope they would make at least one phone with reasonably good features but still also compact enough to be carried in pocket, it's just crazy how all the better phones are more like phtablets. 6.1. was already bordering my comfort zone in that respect.

  • S.P.

I bought a Nokia 6.0 right away when it became availabe - and still have it. It has always worked beautyfully, and still does. Even battery still runs for a day (if there is not too much use). I have dropped the phone on concrete floor twice - only small dents appeared to the corner of the phone. Glass did not break. Nokia might not be the most ΓΌber-modern phone on market, but it is always well made and durable. And always good enough for a normal user. If you value durability - I Nokia is your phone.

  • Helmy

To be honest , when you look at smarphones these days that offer some "too good to be true" specs like for exaple chinese phones, usually they are either put some cheap and lower quality component that in fact break easily or even put so many ads into phones that makes user experience seems like not longer a priority. so you can't just simply justify product base only its number on specs and so on, you have to look at bigger picture why some company decide A dan others decide B . be a smart buyer guys..

  • Anonymous

i personally think nokia smartphone these days look... ugly? i think they just looked more simple yet sophisticated like during the times of the 5.1 plus, 6.1 plus, 7.1, 8.1... just my opinion tho

  • Bertrand

in this price its never gonna beat competitors.

  • Imran Hussain

Markuss, 09 Jan 2021Sadly to say that they can't compete with Chinese phon... moreNokia 6 mobile very bad.

so, Nokia is targeting a camera phone with quadruple good MP+ Zeiss. the price is ok, and the chip I'm pretty sure it's a strong one, but the ram and storage are fairly wrong here. but since its the rumor, not an official release yet I'm expecting the phone would hope to build with:
1. 6/64 or 6/128 or lower 4/128 or 4/64 with expandable memory card
2. if the price would keep that, then I would be surprised (but lower specs must also cheaper)
3. if they improving the camera, RC: 24+16+8+5 MP, FC 16 MP would be enough + Zeiss
4. if they can put OLED, I would be surprised, but I know it will be LPS and I don't mind it tbh
5. 4500mah would be enough, with USB C port 15W or 20W( if it's possible due to the budget)
6. 1080p screen would be nice if they can
7. come up with Android 11 ready
good luck Nokia & HMD

Markuss, 09 Jan 2021Sadly to say that they can't compete with Chinese phon... moreNope. Nokia is doing business fine. It's HMD that's on path of bankruptcy.
They are seriously cutting costs by using cheap, unreliable parts, instead of cutting short their entire useless, entry-level lineup

Sadly to say that they can't compete with Chinese phones. If they continue this strategy, 1 to 2 years from now, Nokia will be closed or go bankrupt.

  • Pete

Nokia could employ basic phone consumers to design, and market and seel their product. It seems they would know more than the professionals nokia currently employs on high tech wages to sell their current mediocre products.

  • Anonymous

Halfthekgb, 08 Jan 2021Nokia is back... To their shitty low end Windows phonesWhat do you mean back ? Like they had anything better after windows phones.
At least with windows they were special and unique. With android they are no unique in other then over priced junk

  • Anonymous

There can't be 3gb version 5.4 has the base model it's 4gb and 6gb.. but it's really beautiful..I don't care about the notch.

Nokia is back... To their shitty low end Windows phones

  • Roland

Hey Nokia! How many phones do you want to make?
-Nokia: yes

Did you knew that noone buys these phones with weak processor with small storage and overpriced?
-Nokia: yes

How many money you wasted?
-Nokia: yes

Built like a tank? πŸ€—
Nokia branding? πŸ˜„
Vanilla OS? πŸ˜‰
Notch? 😞
3GB RAM? 😏
€249? πŸ€‘
SD 67x? πŸ™„
Released in April or May? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  • Pete

3gb ram.....Fail out of the box. What is wrong with these phone rebranders.

7.3 or 7.4 is also in the pipelines, but I think for 100 euro less than this new 6.3/4 series, the Nokia 5.3 already offers excellent value for money.

Anna, 08 Jan 2021HMD had announced Nokia 2.4 and 3.4 back in September 2020.... moreI own a Nokia 3.4 it's bugged out I have problems with camera, wallpaper, and time settings.

So I bought the phone backend of November and I still have not had a update I am stuck on a build number that is 00WW_1_080 with September security patch and after investigations I am not the only one there seem to be lots of people same problem all over the world. So I have been in contact with HMD and they say the build number is not current with 3.4 builds we tried multiple things and came to no soloution, all there answer was maybe I have to wait for a update, they were clueless and I am not impressed as up till now the phone is useless to me.

I checked the Nokia community forum and people have flagged the issue with no response from HMD yet they carry on announcing phones without rectifying problems with current handsets. Disgrace to be honest!