Motorola unveils new G Stylus, G Power and G Play

08 January 2021
The Moto G Stylus has a 6.8" screen, the biggest on a G-series phone yet, and comes with bespoke apps for its stylus.

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  • Arod

Basically a downgrade, really moto
Except for the stylus it's ok

At least the phone with stylus should be a lot better.

  • Anonymous

Im a Moto Fan, but for now, if my budget is Rs.30,000/- to buy a Motorola smartphone.
Its specifications are too low.
No 8GB Ram phone under 30k...

  • Mot

Motorola has no dealer or show room in Bangladesh.Why?

Dear Motorola, stop living in the past, upgrade your specs and start including NFC. Apart from that, you seem quite clued up in the mid-range market...

  • Anonymous

seriously Moto, 4gb of garbage Ram in 2021......min should be 6gb in 2021, most flagships are 12gb while we are not expecting 12 gb for low-mid range here but 6gb should be the min and did you skip the NFC again to save a few dollars being cheapskate like the previous model?
I just don't get moto, why even bother to be in the market they never deliver the phones people want, get any half decent cheap xiaomi it will have at least 6gb Ram. Another fail.....what's new?

Not digging the big chins. Are they intentionally doing this to separate these phones from their over priced $1000 phones?

  • Anonymous

No longer Android One on new Stylus, they can keep it.

It is kind of hard to keep up with Motorola releases these days.

  • Anonymous

Why android 10? 11 is 6 months old.

  • Harry

This will never succeed if Motorola keep doing this kind of mistakes specs are low processor should be 730G or 750G and ram should be 8gb atleast 128gb or 256gb internal otherwise no one will think to buy it atleast not me.
And when Moto launch there Z series I am waiting for that it's allready 2021 now...?

  • Anonymous

most of the manufacturers understand mid range segment and demand except Motorola and iPhone.

  • Anonymous

“Nobody knows the mid tier – or mid tier consumers – like Motorola”

Are they sure?? With those specs in 2021??

  • TheWildHeart

WOW! All downgrades. No stereo speakers. The G Power goes from Snapdragon 665 to 662??!! Android 10 and not 11 out of the box. Probably so they only have to commit to one Android platform upgrade to 11.
I am so glad I have the 2020 G Power.
I'm holding on to it until 2022 and will switch to a different brand if Moto's lineup next year is just as paltry as 2021!

  • Anonymous

KimbraMe, 08 Jan 2021Android what for this overpriced piece of cake? 2MP depth w... moreWhat’s your problem with Snapdragon 6 series

Android what for this overpriced piece of cake? 2MP depth what? Snapdragon 6xxx, what? 720p what? You're ripping off unsuspecting clients, Moto.

  • Anonymous

All new moto downgrade, model's 2020 better than 2021

  • Anonymous

Are these supposed to be the weaker US variants of what the rest of the worlds gets? The G Power and G Play both seem very downgraded from their counterparts of the G9 family

  • Matt

Meh. The only new here is the Stylus. I want the Motorola Ibiza. When will Motorola announce the Snapdragon 480 goodness?

  • Boomohammed

As if there are no other 1000 phones available of same specs...