Xiaomi Redmi 8, 8A and 7A are receiving MIUI 12

10 January 2021
All except the Redmi 8 are getting the Stable Beta version of the OS.

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  • Kingjay

Redmi note 8 when is it getting mi12 update

  • Jehat

When will we get miui 12 on redmi 8a dual

  • Opaw

What are features on miui12 on redmi7a?

  • Chinmay Dutta

What about Redmi 8A Dual

  • HGP

When release miui 12 device redmi note 6pro

  • Jittu

Does resmi 8A dual will get or not????

Good to know the ph's are getting update. Poco M2 update seems to be awaited!!

  • Anonymous

Wow, I also have Redmi 9A phone (MIUI 12) Version. My favourite phone Redmi........

  • HM

Redmi 7A is better than redmi 7 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Actually its a nice update for a entry level device. Now its look like a mid range mobile.

  • Anonymous

Bodygard, 10 Jan 2021Why update redmi 7A to MIUI 12 and not update Redmi 7? B... moreBecause Xiaomi doesn't know how to optimize that soc/ phone ... out of the box, it already suffer with constant lag ... redmi 7a far better than redmi 7 ..

Solution for redmi 7... root & run custom rom with android 11.. smooth

[deleted post]Ahaha. We all know that, we are talking about regular Xiaomi updates. Believe me, u are child here, for many of us. Its not a shame to learn, and u must to learn very much.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]You're just affirming what Alex said. OEMs pushing updates to slow down phones whether cheap, is unacceptable. Check C4ETech video on YouTube prove how Poco X2 has slowed down with MIUI12 vs MIUI11.

  • Prototype

Understand, but I dont get Redmi Note 8 update miui 12.

  • abcde

Redmi 8 EEU still widouth miui 12 update....

Alex 94, 10 Jan 2021U can learn something. He is right. When u update low end p... moreCorrect. I am not against updates. What's wrong is to receive an update only to notice your screen on time SOT is halved. Even though the phone is low-end doesn't give Xiaomi the right to force customers to buy their new phones by deliberately crippling old phones. I have Redmi K20 pro & I use a custom ROM & Kernel & my phone is functioning properly away from Xiaomis reach.

  • Redmi fan

Ist been 2 weeks since i already received MIUI 12 on redmi 8.No issues detected.

  • Ramg

Redmi 5a miui 12 not support ????

  • Karolekk

Where is the update to redmi 9?

  • Sameer Thapa

Please ...Xiaomi.
Give miui 12 update....on redmi 8,8a.
We are very excited for that.😁