TCL Nxtpaper is a full color e-reader, Tab 10S and TWS earphones tag along

11 January 2021
The company also announced a pet tracker and a wearable display.

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  • Anonymous

Hope it's not using some glossy screen and ruins reading experience. We can deal with darkened display cause the back ain't reflective enough and the top display layers will block some light. Also hopefully no isane chromatic aberrations cause eink does need some good old competition.

  • Anonymous

Russel, 12 Jan 2021Needs more resolution. The pixel density is 'just'... moreThen why don't you make one in your garage

Two corrections for Nxtpaper:

1. Screen is 8.8" not 10.1"
2. Battery is 5500 mAh not 5000 mAh


  • Anonymous

Nxtpaper is like shutup and take my money type tech, of 2000s. We take for the tech innovation of 2020s foe granted. Writing of the wall is that This tech will mark the end of magazines and newspapers. If this is lcd derived tech, it beats almost all cheap printing material. For those who complaint of "low" 220 PPI can get around it by further viewing distance then, (it's a display not static print) pinch and zoom. Yes 30 FPS(read in comments) is a weak point, but still it is good enough (even 4k videos on youtube r 30fps, u r used 2 that)

  • Russel

Needs more resolution. The pixel density is 'just' 203ppi. If you're going to sell it as a reading tablet, then you should at least make it 300ppi. (Would be better if it is higher than the retina display that ipad mini provides).

  • Russel

Anonymous, 12 Jan 2021does it has stylus?It's called T-pen

  • Anonymous

does it has stylus?

  • Anonymous

All of these are exciting!!!

Well, most or at least many youtube contents still played at 30fps...

The Nxtpaper seems really promising! If it has google play support (to install reading apps like Scribd) I might actually buy one, if the price here where I live isn't higher than the advertised one.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2021MediaTek chipset ruined it.MT8769 = Snapdragon 450 :-(

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2021Wearable display: For people who have extremely high myopi... moreThey say it's 30 Hz refresh rate.

Nxtpaper will be mine if it's anywhere near as good as e-ink. The price is quite good too.
I like to read colour pdf ...

Add Android 11 & take my money!

  • Anonymous

Wearable display:
For people who have extremely high myopia, can they wear it?

For 199 euro, hmm. There is not much info on the new chipset. However, based on the mt8768 vs snapdragon 662, it felt like samsung tab A7 is a better deal than the new tab 10s from tcl.

...I have no comment on this: I am only concern over the refresh rate...

  • AnonD-909757

[deleted post]laugh in gimod.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2021It's mainly for reading ebook for God sake, nobody nee... moreCalm yo tits, dude. Have you ever use e-ink? Even in it's b/w state, it's slow, now there's color. Nobody ask about a mfking 120hz display.

IpsDisplay, 11 Jan 2021 here we have an LCD panel with NO BACKLIGHT whatsoever thi... moreMan. Lcd's are great. They are used in every touchscreen-less device. But other than some of their usual issues, they have another one that oleds dont. When you press too hard on the screen, it makes those dark waves. On an oled you wont ever see that.
On pc monitors and tvs and everything else, i love em
Just not so much on phones

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2021How about the refresh rate? It's mainly for reading ebook for God sake, nobody needs to read an ebook at 120hz.

Anyway, they're late as pandemic would likely be over at mid 2021 when vaccine is widely available.

here we have an LCD panel with NO BACKLIGHT whatsoever this alone I know confuses many

Ppl underestimate LCD they scream poor contrast , its old etc

But let me remind you the backlight in LCD can be made up of ANYTHING , INCLUDING using microleds or NOTHING at all as in this NXTPAPER

Watch what's gonna happen as backlight tech gets better continuously meanwhile OLED still has no solution to burn in

People won't believe me when I post these things but just watch

  • Anonymous

MediaTek chipset ruined it.