Exynos 2100 unveiled with Cortex-X1 CPU, 40% faster Mali-G78 GPU and integrated 5G modem

12 January 2021
The CPU promises a 30% boost in multi-core performance compared to the Exynos 990, 40% on the GPU and a more efficient NPU.

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AnonD-923722, 12 Jan 2021I think i am believing the power being better than the Snap... moreWe shall see in a few months when people test all these things out.

MTJ, 12 Jan 2021Snapdragon 888 uses soo much power and generates so much he... moreExactly, but most people just seems to be happy that it looks better than SD 888 on paper.

  • Ahmed

Finally, something better than the snapdragon 😂

Daddidoo, 12 Jan 2021+30% cpu +40% gpu, av1 support, battery efficient, integrat... morelol already with "RIP" slogan.
Exynos is better at CPU but we still don't know anything about efficiency(since all cores runs at high clock speed).
On GPU side it's way sucks compared to sd888 nor kirin 9000
exynos comes with 14Cores , yet kirin 9000 with the same mali GPU maxed at 24Cores it barely managed to go onpar with Adreno 660.

hope next exynos come with AMD GPU as promised.

  • Anonymous

All cores have higher clock compared to 888.
During heavy tasks, the exynos powered variant is gonna use more power and generate more heat.

Tarak, 12 Jan 2021Numbers are promising, now we wait for TDP number. Well, sustained performance has always been an issue with Exynos. Let's see if this one holds up.
They mentioned 8K 60fps playback instead of 8K 30fps recording which was quite odd. The phone screen is going to max out at 2k and 8k recording will be limited at 30fps since 4k goes till 120fps. Till last year dex didn't support 4k so it's unlikely it will go upto 8k this year.

  • Anonymous

It's unfortunate that Qualcomm couldn't use TSMC for their manufacturing, as that would likely give them an advantage to better thermals and battery life. Since they're both using Samsung's EUV, I'm betting the 2100 comes out on top. As a first time Samsung owner, I don't plan on replacing my current phone with another Samsung, as I can't stand OneUI.

  • Anonymous

Samsung chips looks promising but we will have to wait to see the smart phones 😅

Snapdragon 888 uses soo much power and generates so much heat at lower clock speeds...lets see how this processor goes

+30% cpu +40% gpu, av1 support, battery efficient, integrated 5g
Next exynos they will used Amd gpu

Rip snapdragon

  • Anonymous

Exynos 990 5G speeds are wrong

  • Shiny Dave

Same process and ARM cores as 888 but higher clock speeds?

If it really is that similar we're going to get an interesting look at how much clock speed is actually needed in a flagship chip...

Apart from the Mongoose Cores, the other reason for the Exynos not performing better than Snapdragon, was the instruction set. With the DynamIQ setup of the ARM processors, and an apparently redesigned instruction set, it appears that Samsung has figured how to keep the processing performance on, without allowing that particular core to overheat. I am guessing it validates between various cores, without ever letting one single core perform too long, continuously. That way, without a complete overhaul of node architecture, Exynos should be able to boost performance significantly. Once Exynos makes the node architecture more layered, they should be able to perform even better.

But the Exynos 2100 does look extremely promising. Samsung has admitted that it took all the criticism to heart, and wanted to come back with a vengeance. Which is what is necessary.

Congrats to Samsung and the Exynos team. Would love to see their tests against the 888 and the 865 on Smartphones in real world tests.

Numbers are promising, now we wait for TDP number.

Anyone else noticed random ads floating on gsma lately? Especially in the bottom of the screen, not the end of the website.

I'm hoping that they're working on how to improve the cooling efficiency 'cause these processors are getting more powerful overtime that these phones are going to be capable of frying things.

  • AnonD-923722

I think i am believing the power being better than the Snapdragon 888. But i am worried about the :
1. Thermal throttling
2. Overheat
3. Battery drain/ efficiency
4. Support for GCAM
5. Camera processing

  • Anonymous

Nah,, too overhype make me skeptical

  • AnonD-923722

If it beats the Snapdragon normal and plus version. I am DEFINITELY getting an Note 21 this year. Because samsung may not even launch the plus version of this chip like qualcomm does. Hope the antutu hits 700.000 and above