LG Rollable confirmed to launch this year

12 January 2021
We also got a short teaser at the end of the company's CES press confrence.

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Anonymous, 13 Jan 2021Ok. Two ratio of firm factor shown in past articles. Coul... moreThis is a one for all sizes kinda smartphone, two different sized models doesn't make sense. There could be two or more models specs wise but size wise, it's going to be a single phone with with the option to choose and switch between screen size of your choice anytime.

  • Anonymous

Ok. Two ratio of firm factor shown in past articles. Could there be two models coming?

I wonder how the spec sheet would be. I'd definitely be surprised if LG uses Snapdragon 765G chipset. At the very least, Snapdragon 865 should be the viable option. Snapdragon 888 would be nice.

AljeanT, 13 Jan 2021Wait for 3 months after launch, it'll be half off. You sure about it? I don't see any price discount for the Wing 5G since the launch to date. Even the V60 with DualScreen case combo still demands good money today.

  • Jungle Story

Basically rollable phone seem more promising than fold phone. It might thicker. But compare to fold to half....prefer rollable concept. Its cool..

  • Anonymous

I like this. Although the idea isn't new (motorised rollable displays have been around for ages), applying the concept to smartphones hasn't been done yet and it looks quite promising. Hope it works.

cant shell out more money for phone this year... sad...
i want to watch the unveiling of this... might feel hyped more than the lg wing...

Wait for 3 months after launch, it'll be half off.

This has great potential, but propably Android fragmentation will slow it down. It means that the apps you use and games you play will never get updated for this rollable screen so you can't really use it as it meant to be used. Same already happening with foldables. It's huge work for developers to support all these different special devices and when they don't even do it for tablets, it's very likely won't happen for These either.

But rollable can be future and it can be bright one day. So very interesting to see where this goes. This lg rollable definitely have cool factor.