NVIDIA announces RTX 30-series for laptops and RTX 3060 for desktop

13 January 2021
RTX 30-series will be releasing later this month and start at $999.

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Can we call the laptop 3060 a 3060 NO it has HALF of the video memory and it'll probs cost you more than a full setup when the etc 3060 drops to retail pricing and it'll overheat bad so thermal throttling I'd say it's more like a 2070

Meh 1000+ bucks for just GPU thats crazy.

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Anonymous, 13 Jan 2021Actually mining is the answer. A single of those cards mak... moreCryptocurrency is in an overvalued bubble state. Just like the internet bubble of '00 and the real state bubble of '07. But the most worst aspect of cryptocurrency is that it won't provide you with collateral like the actual financial instruments. I hope you manage to sell your assets before this bubble inevitably pops.

And no, gpus DON'T provide a 100 ROI. You gotta account for the electricity cost, diminishing marginal return with each addition of a new gpu and the market cap of consumer demand for gaming. Gamers are and will keep on outweighing miners on the perpetual future. There's a reason good financial investors don't invest all their money on cryptos. But go on, keep living in your bubble.

amd needs to introduce new cards (with rdna) into the 200-400$ price range also get involved with laptop gpu's the nvidia once are crazy expensive.

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My motherboard is showing signs of death especially ram slots :D But then again it's like 8 years old already with i5 4570 and gtx 970
This 3060 looks to be insane expensive and well as i dont play much games anymore and i would play mostly only 60hz 1080p anyways then i dont even need these :D
I am waiting when DDR5 come out and then build new pc as i dont want to make the same mistake i did with this PC as i built it on DDR3 and half a year later was DDR4 out so now cant even find ok motherboard that have 4 slots of ram or even 2 slots for ok price. Where i can save all i have and just replace one part.

Soon can probably get 1080 second hand that will cost less then the 3060 or second hand 2070 and it be pretty much same like 3060 but for less on the price

Al-Aqsa Lover, 13 Jan 2021Memory bus of 3060 is 192bit While the ti version is 256bi... moreThe 3060 ti is for sure a better buy that this disappointment of a card. Why put 12 gigs of of vram if you cant utilise that much, also its put over a 192 bit bus which further weakens the proposition, its only twice the performance of a 5 year old card for 30$ more, also dunno why nvidia decided to compare the rtx performance of a gtx card. Hopefully amd brings something better to the table, the 300$ and under segment looks pretty bad.

so, will have to wait at least 2 years for it to be in stock at msrp

Memory bus of 3060 is 192bit
While the ti version is 256bit.

I don't know which has more value per money!

No need to change my 1060 for 1080p gaming....
That was the best buy ever.

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Anonymous, 13 Jan 202112GB RTX 3060 essentially confirms VRAM refreshes up the li... moreI was eyeing an RX 6800XT but they are also scams at €350 over MSRP.

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Anonymous, 13 Jan 2021It happens because people buy from scalpers and then send d... moreOfficial stores are charging 80% more, like wtf has this world come to?

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Anonymous, 13 Jan 2021It happens because people buy from scalpers and then send d... moreActually mining is the answer. A single of those cards makes you $10 on average per day and that's true for a couple of months now.

It is crazy to buy one and use it for gaming they are literal gold mines . Even at $2k they are cheap given the money they make. Heck even at $4k miners would have been buying.

There is a revolution happening that gamers are completely left out of and now feel angry. It is not scalping, it is mining. That is why GPUs sell for for quite more of a boost than PS5s (where it is mostly scalping, but even there mining plays a role given that they modify the firmware).

Basically anything with a hefty gpu in is undervalued at this point in time. Their true (market derived) price is at least 3 times the MSRP. It is a miracle the prices are still as low. It mostly has to do with certain retailers refusing to sell to miners (one card per address/customer policy) and nVidia refusing to increase the MSRP to the market value, but this will change. It has to, mining is becoming more legit of an industry than gaming.

Gamers are complaining, but honestly they are lucky. In no place in the world can you buy a component with 100 day ROI apart from the GPU market. It is a steal really, just not for gamers (who are tech averse generally and can't make money from their gpus).

GPUs are transitioning to professional equipment. Gamers would need to make do with mid to low end cards for the perpetual future because their importance to the world economy is shrinking. Blockchains are here to stay and they are going to be huge in 2020s , expect a tripling of gpu prices to their fair value within this decade. Eventually chip manufacturers would be pressured by their boards to take in account the booming crypto industry and triple the prices.

I mean the CryptoMarket cap is in a perpetual bull market for 10 years now, it's weird that people don't know. In 2018 Bitcoin "crashed" to 3 times to its previous high (basically it never crashed, people are crazy about it). Crypto never crashes it perpetually puts higher highs and (way) higher lows for 11 years straight. It's just passed 1 trillion market cap, by the time it is at $10 trillion say bye bye to high end cards forever. They would be used by an industry bigger than Gold Mining and Oil drilling... gamers would be gaming on low end cards forever.

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"One odd thing about the RTX 3060 is that it features 12GB of GDDR6 memory on a 192-bit memory interface. That's more memory than the 3060 Ti, 3070, and the 3080. Why NVIDIA felt its cheapest model needed the second most amount of memory after the most expensive one isn't clear."

*laughs in Tensorflow*

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Doesn't matter,, it'll Out of Stock anyway

Either low production or Crypto Mining demand

While, its thank god my RTX2060 laptop can survive 3060 era
my i5 8th gen processor might start to bottleneck the gaming experience.

hoping it to survive until rtx4000 era when i might replace it.

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SpiritWolf, 13 Jan 2021Gaming laptop? Khm. wdym? These gpus are meant for gaming machines.

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Anonymous, 13 Jan 2021Everyone wants desktop GPUs and what we get is this crap? T... moreIt happens because people buy from scalpers and then send dozens of them to female streamers in hopes of getting laid.

SpiritWolf, 13 Jan 2021Gaming laptop? Khm. ok maybe not gaming laptops but laptops in general, i guess

devils468, 13 Jan 2021nice, gaming laptops are gonna be awesome this year!Gaming laptop? Khm.

nice, gaming laptops are gonna be awesome this year!