More Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra zoom camera details surface

13 January 2021
Light needs less refractions to reach the sensor, making this the smartest periscope around.

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Lyndino, 13 Jan 2021Considering this phone is less than month's old you sh... moreNot sure how you declare it BS, but the S20/Note 20 ultra images are definitely worse than the 2019 flagships.

As a professional photographer who is a staunch Samsung supporter since S2 (I have every S-series and Note series phone since S2 and Note 4, but skilled S20 series). I've ditched Note 20 ultra (gave my mom), and stayed on Note 9 (earphones and the last good Samsung camera software).

Right now, Samsung's "Pro" mode (Since the S10 series) is crap. You can try to take a backlit portraiture with an intentionally blown background, and the phone will try to recover the blown highlights and force HDR onto the photo. EVEN when you turn HDR off in Pro Mode. The RAW isn't raw either. There's only the processed image left.

No, Samsung's cameras since the Note 9 had been rubbish. Absolute rubbish. And I don't think many considers Note 20 Ultra camera to be near the "best of 2020".

Nick Tagataka, 13 Jan 2021So the new 10x telephoto camera will take in 50% more light... moreyou're wrong. the "new" camera does NOT take in more light. It actually takes in less light.

S20 ultra's telephoto lens at 105mm is at aperture f/3.5
S21 ultra's telephoto lens is at 240mm at aperture f/4.9

If you know anything about photography, you will know that S21 gathers approximately 2x LESS light.

It means that what you could shoot at 1/30 seconds with the S20, you cannot shoot with the S21 as it requires a 1/15 seconds exposure (at 240mm no less).

It looks like the S21 camera will be a massive dud. Except for those people who don't understand what they are being sold by the marketing department.

jason lee, 13 Jan 2021i was dissapointed by my note 20 ultra camera overall, dist... moreConsidering this phone is less than month's old you should have filed a complaint with Samsung, especially for the price of the phone rather than trading it in for a phone that takes jpeg and jpeg+ (pretty much what the raw is from what I've read).
And the fact that this phone was praised to have the best camera out of all 2020 phones (subject to personal preference of course), I declare bs.

  • Mario

Now they just need to incorporate some software rescaling as usual even at native 10x zoom to ruin everything. Same thing even Huawei does. Out of sense.

This is crap reporting with crap logic.
A lens can do 10 refractions through proper optic glass and have a better image than single refraction through a piece of crap plastic.
An optical formula with 5 properly optimised refractions will be better than one with 2 ill-conceived refractions.
There's a reason camera lens that costs $10k with top tier image quality don't have only 2 refraction - it doesn't work.

If you ask me, 2 refractions will point to much worse image quality, especially around the edges of the frame of the image. The sharpness of the images will be unbalanced throughout the image. This will be further amplified if they actually use good camera sensors, but their image processing tends to wipe out the gains made from their sensor.

However, this will lead to much cheaper lens assembly for Samsung, which in turn allows them to lower the price of the phone I guess.

Let's see how it goes.

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2021🤦‍♂️ ever heard how cameras work?The prisms inside a periscope camera reflect light and bend its direction 90 degrees (Refraction is what the working of LENSES is based on). Simply put, IceUniverse used the term "refraction" inaccurately in his tweet, and so did vrvly if I'm reading his/her comment right.

  • Anonymous

You guys might as well put up a review before release ! :P

  • Anonymous

Nick Tagataka, 13 Jan 2021You mean reflection?🤦‍♂️ ever heard how cameras work?

So the new 10x telephoto camera will take in 50% more light than the one on P40 Pro, and that phone is only less than a year old. It's really amazing to see how quickly camera technologies make a progress on a smartphone.

vrvly, 13 Jan 2021Refractions getting better, maybe one day apsc. You mean reflection?

Refractions getting better, maybe one day apsc.

They really don't want to give the vanilla even th 5x periscope. Pathetic.

RazrFlip, 13 Jan 2021IT IS NOT A ZOOM. IT IS A TELEPHOTO. Zoom means variable ma... moreEveryone is using zoom. Samsung, that iceUniverse guy (he said ''optical variable'', whatever it means), GSMA, etc.

Do you have reasons to believe it will be fixed at 10x? Since its a 64MP, can't it be 2x zoom at 16MP and 4x at 4MP (even digital zoom is zoom itself)?
What if the lens itself is 5x - 10x by moving the glass elements or so?

  • jason lee

i was dissapointed by my note 20 ultra camera overall, distortion was massively evident around the lower edges of many of my images, my Note 10+ was superior in many ways, i hope they have improved this sensor and setup, i switched over to iphone 12 pro max becasue of its pro raw and the images are very good, and when tweaked in lightroom they become amazing, i wish samsung would focus more on the processing algorithms it uses instead of just cranking up the numbers, i want a more realistic image, not a heavily processed one, especially when zooming in and it looks cartoon like

IT IS NOT A ZOOM. IT IS A TELEPHOTO. Zoom means variable magnification. This is normal, telephoto and interpolation or throwing away of data.

Please stop pandering to the misleading advertising by Samsung and tell the truth.