All color options for the Samsung Galaxy S21 trio leak

13 January 2021
There 10 or so colors, depending on how you count them. Also, the wireless chargers we saw yesterday will come in black and white.

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Damnit Samsung for putting an all-out effort in Ultra!!!!!!!!

I was going to get S21 since it's the smallest one. But these differences are really huge and makes the vanilla somehow feels like a freakin mid ranger.

Maybe iPhone 12 is a better choice. 5 years support, not that much difference from the Pro variant.

  • AlienFromNextDoor

Can't believe people like brown. Looks like my grandma's cupboard.

One more year with GREY I guess :-)

They MUST release that amazing brown in all models!! Otherwise, they are completely *badwordhere*! The red is appalling...

The brown one looks so gorgeous.

But lmao I bet people will probably use a not transparent case sooner or later.

I love the "Brown" color. I HATE the Red and Gold Combination 🤣

  • chemeng

Furiounx, 13 Jan 2021That brown colour is abysmal. I strongly disagree. Brown is unique, classy and bussiness-like. It's a pity it is only available on the Ultra. Also, I'd prefer if the camera cut-out was either darker brown, or navy blue, or golden rather than black.

  • Gandalf

Really like the brown one

That red S21+ would look pretty good with a black accent or darker red accent instead of that ugly as s#it rose gold color.
That wrecks most of the color options.

  • Anonymous

Furiounx, 13 Jan 2021That brown colour is abysmal. Nope it's beautiful and luxurious

  • Imad

That brown color reminds me of the Zune

That brown colour is abysmal.