Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21+ pre-orders will come with free Galaxy Buds Live and a SmartTag

13 January 2021
The S21 Ultra will get the new Galaxy Buds Pro instead. Also, 360° spins of the three S21 models have surfaced.

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No charger no buy.
By the way Samsung CPU and pricing is garbage.

Solun1, 14 Jan 2021Galaxy Buds Live suck because of a non-working ANC. But Gal... moreThe buds Live don't have a in ear design so they prioritise comfort over ANC

  • Prat

Smart tag is absolutely amazing here, this will grow the Artificial technology at high extent. good job Samsung!!

Galaxy Buds Live suck because of a non-working ANC. But Galaxy Buds Pro are an entirely different category, I'd love those. However I'm a Note fan and I will definitely wait for what the Note 21 brings. It might be the last Note ever! Though I doubt it, surely they'll release one more Note after that.

As ugly basels as the FE's!

  • Again

Samsung always the same, except for the S20 FE 5G (that one with screen problems that Samsung says that they fix it with updates for about 3 months and nothing at all, being clearly an unrecognized hardware failure, like the Pixel 4A and Pixel 4A 5G). Always offering China and USA and in this case Korea, the Snapdragon and the rest of the world the Exynos. This is a clear discrimination towards the rest of the world. You can't use the GCam if you don't use Snapdragon. In addition Snapdragon has a lower batt consumption and is more powerful. As long as Samsung continues to do this, it will sell even less in Europe. Anyone who doesn't know the subject will not care, but anyone who does will not be fooled. By the way, I'm not sure if they have a curved screen or not. I hate curved screens like a lot of people: They break better and you have more difficulty using your finger.

No charger brick in the box ,,
Every smartphone that don't have headphone jack 3,5 needs to put in the box wireless headset

  • Fanboy

S21 Ultra. That's the phone to buy Samsung take my money plz

The rest of the "palette" will be only "on-demand" and only through Samsung channel. Not online except Samsung.

  • AnonD-973296

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2021Does s21 ultra come with charger? none of them do but that's completely ok since we all now have USB-C cables and power bricks in our home, and plus its USB-A to USB-C so that's even better

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2021Might be saving it for the eventlol
you think it will have an under display camera lol
wouldnt that be a turn

  • Anonymous

london2tim, 13 Jan 2021how come the s21 ultra only appears in that black wallpaper... moreMight be saving it for the event

  • Anonymous

Does s21 ultra come with charger?

how come the s21 ultra only appears in that black wallpaper
i want to see it in a brighter wallpaper to understand the bezels etc

  • Anonymous

And how are we supposed to charge the phone and headphones? What a joke xD.

  • Anonymous

Should have given a charger instead of tags