JD teases vivo X60 Pro+ with Snapdragon 888 chipset, advanced camera and leather back

13 January 2021
The camera will use ZEISS optics and should feature four modules, including a periscope. JD also revealed the memory options for the Pro+.

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And still no 3.5mm jack. Thanks, no thanks, bye.

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Stop saying that plastic is leather. It's like if 3d printed something in the shape of a diamond and called it diamond. It's plastic.

More companies need to come out with more leather back phones.

Android--Master, 13 Jan 2021Good job Vivo!!! Last year they put the gimbal stabiliz... moreVivo couldn't fit the gimbal OIS on the X50 Pro+ because the Samsung ISOCELL GN1 sensor is too big for that OIS. So that is why Vivo only put it on the X50 Pro because it has basically a slightly modified custom version of Sony IMX586 sensor and it's not as big as the GN1.

I actually like the idea of Exynos on cheaper models and Snapdragon on top-range models. At least there won't be a clutter of this region only gets the Exynos chipset and this region gets the Snapdragon one.

I'm pretty sure that the primary wide camera module will be a different one this time. But we'll just wait and see.

Good job Vivo!!!

Last year they put the gimbal stabilization on the Pro model but paired it with Midrange 765.
Pro+ version got the Snapdragon 865.
This year they did a good job of equipping the Pro model with Exynos 1080 and Snapdragon 888 for the Pro+ model.

I have a feeling that Samsung might adopt this model on their S20 and Note series as well.
Where they might put the fastest top of the line Exynos on the Ultra version while put a slightly less powerful flagship Exynos on the non-Ultra models.

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Shui8, 13 Jan 2021Zeiss T* coating trademark.ur saying thats their logo? or do they do that any new lens that comes out

AnonD-973296, 13 Jan 2021what's with red asterisk next to the lensZeiss T* coating trademark.

notafanboy, 13 Jan 2021And of course it's gonna be exclusive to China.hope not !!!! :(

Please make also a global version of it sooner after launch. Not like in the past. Please.

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what's with red asterisk next to the lens

notafanboy, 13 Jan 2021And of course it's gonna be exclusive to China.The market would be small outside China for a $1,000+ Vivo phone so they might not think it's worth it. They are trying to expand into more markets though so you'd never know

And of course it's gonna be exclusive to China.

Obviously, the 3rd photo are lens using Zeiss T* coating, just like Xperia 1ii & 5ii.

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Wonder what the red asterisk is