TikTok update brings new privacy settings for the youngest users

13 January 2021
Everyone up to age 17 has their privacy settings switched to Friends.

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  • Tiktokkkkkkkkkk

i hate tiktok now!! all i’ve achieved, all i have worked for, is now limited!!!!! change it rn!!!!! i have over 1400 followers and ive never been bullied!!!!!! please!! remove it!!!!!

  • zoe

i literally hate this update tiktok used to be such a fun app please delete it everyone kust wants to have fun tiktok literally has the capability to remove bed content and accounts but they do this i cant

  • Noonelos

Wtf omg this is so stupid please change this please

  • vale

why tf did y’all do this😭🤚

  • PP

Please don't do this, eveyone wants to have fun with it after a long time without it

  • Jasmine Gill

No please don’t do this

  • Sabeerjutt

Very very nice tricks bata do

  • Rockstar

Noman jokhio, 14 Jan 2021I love tiktok i love tiktok. but my videos not going Viral i don’t know why.

  • Irfan

Noman jokhio, 14 Jan 2021I love tiktok Hi tiktok

  • Meharkhalid8

sriyanti, 14 Jan 2021good rules good rules Very very nice tick talk

  • Pinky

Tiktok is so fun to watch

  • Suraj Singh

Noman jokhio, 14 Jan 2021I love tiktok I hate u tiktok💔💔💔💔

  • Anonymous

noooooooo pls

  • sriyanti

good rules good rules

  • Noman jokhio

I love tiktok

  • IPhone user


  • Anonymous

Android--Master, 13 Jan 2021Tik-Tok has already lost an userbase from a country full of... morebut still ging strong


Tik-Tok has already lost an userbase from a country full of billion people.

'Tik-Tok' and 'privacy' in the same sentence... Hilarious!!!

  • Anonymous

ok this seals the deal. Anonymous is leaving gsmarena because of constant irrelevant news.

I had a great time exchanging incoherent opinions with others on here.