MIUI website's source code hints at Mi Mix 4, Mi Note 11 and MIUI 13

13 January 2021
This is probably the first time we hear anything about the Mi Note 11.

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  • Anonymous

So when do we get the MiMax 4?

  • Rapid

Mi Mix 4 with MTK Dimensity SoC?
Hmmm, nice!

  • Anonymous

Why redmi 7 don't receive MIUI 12 still now please answer

  • MotanelPufos

Don't buy chinese crappy phones. They take your money and then you present no more interest. Xiaomi sold Mi mix 3 5g model in europe, took the money from the customers but the support is almost 0. No accesories whatsoever, the phone is still on android 9 even is if presented as a premium flagship. While the redmi 9, a cheap 50$ phone has better suport.
Chinese phones have good specs but the software support is 0.
Did I mention that the prices have gone up almost at the level of Samsung or Apple flagships, but the quality is very bad.
Xiaomi, you have FAILED your customers.

Alang Praharja, 14 Jan 2021MiA4 please.Xiaomi has surrendered their Android One program, so don't hold your breath for Mi A4. Really, your only choice for Android One is HMD Nokia.

I'm actually more interested with the Mi Mix 4. Remember that Mi Mix lineup is basically Xiaomi being mental.

  • kkstore

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2021Xiaomi is the best. 3rd now ! MIUI is very good. MI11 bette... moreyea,yea... you are right

  • Nothing

I have mi mix 2

  • YoloBS

Still waiting for miui 12 for poco m2

MiA4 please.

  • Anonymous

Mi Mix 4 will have superior under-display selfie camera.

  • Anonymous

It's time Xiaomi to start working on Mi Max 4 ! ! !
Enough is enough !

Oh I would change my S10 for Mi Mix4 in instant if they keep the same factor and size. I can stand slightly bigger size but if they go for crazy 6.8" I think I'll cry...

  • Anonymous

Well, if they add the telescopic camera to the Mi Note 11 i'll buy it for sure. The Mi Mix 4 is usually more experimental and with the latest technology will be really expensive this time. But lets see... Waiting for these phones to compare with others and choose one.

  • Jack

I want a mi max 4 in 2021

  • Anonymous

Xiaomi is the best. 3rd now ! MIUI is very good. MI11 better than Iphone 12 and Samsung S21 ! 2k mon, 55W wired fast charge, 50W wireless charging and many more.....

Considering the Mi Mix line had always had global LTE bands, I wonder if they'll continue this with the 4th phone (don't think they'll put '4' in the name).

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]That was good.

  • Mix

What The Hell. Mi Mix 4.