Samsung Galaxy A32 5G unveiled: the company's cheapest 5G phone yet at €280

13 January 2021
Blazing fast connectivity is supported by a 5,000 mAh battery. However, some compromises had to be made.

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  • Subhash kumar pandey

India launched date to phone samsung Galaxy A32

  • Arod

bruh samsung needs to STOP THINKING ITS 2015 DAMNIT
this is a MASSIVE degrade from the a31, terrible display
720p display SHOULD BE DEAD right now
come on samsung

Dear Samsung,

Please put a decent speaker in this phone. Anything below S series crazy money to buy from Samsung has had very poor performing speakers. I hope they take on board the feedback.

Regards A consumer!

I will just hold on to my A31. I fall in love with the phone every single time am using it. Just love the size and display.

Damm this is kinda over price for Euro good thing I lived in Thailand Samsung is known to be cheaper than other countries here.

jNO, 14 Jan 2021Samsung has chosen its downfall. Today, you have a brand an... moreI mean Apple would still want to be associate with Samsung.

  • Anonymous

Man! It would have been such a good phone if the screen was FHD Amoled

Unfortunately the display is not S-amoled and resolution is very low which we had better display on previous model A31, display is really disappointing.

  • Anonymous

What is the cost of A32 smartphone.

  • jNO

Samsung has chosen its downfall. Today, you have a brand and choose to mock your customers, really hard. Tomorrow no one will want to associate with you and your business will fail. Time is ticking....................

  • Anonymous

herossi46, 14 Jan 2021i don't understand Samsung price strategy. only the pe... moreOnly phones from samsung that made sense were A40 and A41. Now everything are large shovels. Both these A40 and 41 were under 200 euro and had value for the money cause of there more compact size and ok specks. Well A40 not so much

  • Fact

This is too expensive, even we can buy Xiomi 9 5G series between $200 to $250 with diemensity 800 chipset. they charging Abnormal price for the brand name.

  • Anonymous


  • RGz

What the-

The comment below just makes me laugh

Lol € 280 for a plastic phone, a 720p screen, 64GB, ... I paid € 100 more for the OnePlus Nord with much better specs. Gorilla glass 5, 90Hz Amoled screen, SD 765G etc

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2021VERY CRAZY, SUPER LOL HAHAHAHAHAHA I BOUGHT A SECOND HAND ... moreI like how you guy's think 5g comes free of cost.
Ps: it is very expensive and the fact that they are trying to include everything in itself is oretty substantiall

  • Anonymous

In Samsung a31 the front camera is 20mp and in Samsung a32 5g it will be come with 13 mp what a nonsense fake details

  • Bicky


  • Indian

We can have all these features without 5g for 130 dollars in India. Redmi 9 prime for you

  • herossi46

i don't understand Samsung price strategy. only the people who are diehard fans of Samsung and hate other brands absolutely will buy such a crappy, piece of junk mobiles for 280 euro.