Samsung Galaxy S21 leaks in hands-on images ahead of launch event

14 January 2021
The leaker posts a thread spilling all the tea.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2021Sd card was Useless for S21 because couldn't be used f... moreWho would record 8K video on a device that displays only 1080p?

  • Anonymous

Another crippled flagship. Looks like Note20 Ultra will be the last worthy flagship with expandable storage.

  • Dog76

Please don't post anything ever again from this no-name, co nartist of a leakster. He won't really help to maintain your good reputation.

AnonD-972548, 14 Jan 2021Yes they are. High refresh rate, as the initial guy said ... more"That's how much Apple cares about its customers"
I seriously laugh out loud when reading comments here... please never own a business... lmao

  • Shamesung-crapple

Cost cutting of plastic , 1080p panel isn't passed onto consumers... Profit maximization is getting out of hand now...

  • Anonymous

OK, the right most one is outright ugly right? Hope I'm not the only one.

  • Franzzz

Adios Memory card

  • Anonymous

JOHN, 14 Jan 2021But the ultra will get expandable storageDunno man!!!! You gotta spend more just to have it back instead of making it standard to all S21 lineup like their previews flagships?

  • Anonymous

Im just hoping Sony dont follow this trends like they already felt the heat when they removed 3.5mm jack then reverted back with their later flagship having it and it was somehow got positive vibes this time round since Im planning to actually get Sony flagship this time around.

  • JOHN

AresinUAE, 14 Jan 2021Samsung should stop sending early phone samples to reviewer... moreBut the ultra will get expandable storage

  • Mir

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2021S20 already poorly sold(probably due to removed 3.5mm jack)... moreYes.. S20 sold poorly because the lack of 3.5mm jack and poor battery life .

  • Anonymous

P-CHM, 14 Jan 2021Not all of them are liars. At the Samsung store I went to g... moresamsung should backtrack on using plastic backs on phones that cost more than 500 dollars
it's shameful at this point

  • Anonymous

Mel, 14 Jan 2021Samsung you copy apple again??? NO EXPANDABLE STORAGE.... ... moreSd card was Useless for S21 because couldn't be used for 8k video recording due slow read speed too bad they didn't replace with CFxpress card or UFS card for fast read and write speed .

  • Anonymous

AresinUAE, 14 Jan 2021Samsung should stop sending early phone samples to reviewer... morebiggest problem to me is the plastic back on a flagship, the entry level that most people will look at
paying iphone prices, yet getting a plastic back? it's okay for midrange, but definitely not a flagship

2021 is the year I will replace my S10, but the successor won't be the S21. I like S21's flat screen and "small" size, and I can accept the lack of S-pen support, although it's a feature that I was really looking forward to. But I won't accept the lack of SD card support.

  • Anonymous

As a Note9 user, I was thinking of getting the S21 Ultra, but the lack of expandable storage is a deal breaker. However, because of reviewers' influence, it'll sell like hotcakes and Samsung will keep removing more features from their phones.

Good thing the Note9 has expandable storage - instead of buying these super expensive, feature-less phones, I'll just pop in a 256 GB microSD and move on.

  • Saw Man

To me, I don't mind to replace the back glass with metal, leather, or plastic. But the plastic I would like is the same used by old Lumia phones which is way more durable and doesn't feel like cheap plastic

Samsung should stop sending early phone samples to reviewers who are apple fans, that line "should copy apple" is just way too obvious. And that THICKKKKK comment? Really? The iphone 12 pro max is razor thin compared to it? Nyahhahahahaha - what a load of bull.

The price of the ultra at $1200 seems attractive enough considering the s20 ultra started at $1400 - i guess the price difference justifies the fact that they removed the charger. HOWEVER, and this is a big however for me, i dont agree with removing the expandable storage. I guess this time im gonna pass.

AnonD-972548, 14 Jan 2021That is very true, but also the Samsung store clerks are th... moreNot all of them are liars. At the Samsung store I went to get my N20U, there wasn't any such attempt to lie about the base N20. The staff even agreed with me when I called it a huge mistake. Plus, info was given to me about the best moment to buy the device at the best price (which was still accurate today, as I got mine several hundreds below MSRP). But I am not in USA so I assume it depends on the operator's policies.
But Samsung sure seems to pour a lot of efforts in concealing their mistakes. I hope the S21 series fails and force them to backtrack on their mistakes, like how the S6 forced the production of the S7, one of their best device, with features removed from the S6 such as IP6x and the MicroSD slot.

AnonD-972548, 14 Jan 2021That is very true, but also the Samsung store clerks are th... moreThat's true and it applies to most stores, not just Samsung related. There is a big undercover investigation on youtube from some TV station about blue light filter glasses and how store employees told customers lies about how it prevents you from damaging your eyes or even getting cancer and they checked this hidden camera footage with one of the world's best eye doctor and he debunked most of their claims as completely false. After that investigation aired, employees are not making ANY of these claims. So yeah, beware of every store employee and what they tell you, always do your own research not just in tech but in all areas.