Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra announced with S Pen support, dual telephoto lenses

14 January 2021
The display can do 120Hz at the full 1440p+ resolution for the first time on a Samsung phone. The two tele cams are 10x periscope and 3x lens.

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  • Dr.Peethambaran

Past acquaintance with Galaxy phones for the last 30 years, I assure that S21 will be useful to all.

  • Oscar

I like the phone is good

  • Ahmed Dashti

Whats the spen latency on the S21 ultra ?

  • Greg

First time since 2011 I'm not going to pre-order the next Galaxy in my 2year cycle
Even buying a new phone sometimes feels silly, when you compare the price to the very small incremental updates and how they affect your daily use of the phone.
But this's nothing but compromises and backward steps. For the first time ever I feel I'd be spending over £1000 to have a downgrade in specs from my S10 which still works like new.

No micro sd slot is non-negotiable to me, I am currently using a 256gb sd card which is nearly full, along with the 128gb on the phone. The same with the backward step in resolution.

The only way for me to keep the storage and resolution I have on the s10 is to get the ultra 512gb. But it's too big for me really, and at around £1400 is around double I paid for the S10 and S8 before it. Whilst I could afford the's a very steep price just to keep the features I have now, when my S10 is still perfect. Even for an enthusiast, it just wouldn't make sense

  • Starr

Can't wait to see how the camera will perform on the s21 ultra with all the new improvements . The 3rd gen 108mp camera , triple 4k 60FPS video , even the HDR 12-bit RAW photo's , including the 10x optical zoom .

Fingers crossed , Sammy !

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2021Aren't you the guy who thinks Chinese companies spy on... moreYou mean, the average westerner? Yes, that's me, comrade.

Just like the Note20 and Note20 Ultra, Samsung only focus on giving the best for the Ultra variant.

Yikes the $1200 is too much. But gotta say, at the moment, its the best smartphone u can get among $1200 pricing range, for the specs. Love the matte black color!

Samsung got my attention on this one, especially the new design language.

  • Anonymous

Duck of death, 15 Jan 2021They also do what all Chinese brands do, make them to spy o... moreAren't you the guy who thinks Chinese companies spy on their users while American counterparts like Apple, Google and Facebook are judicious with people's data despite them paying millions of dollars in fine every week.

Duck of death, 15 Jan 2021They also do what all Chinese brands do, make them to spy o... moreYour comment is not relevant to what I said in my earlier comment and the link you posted doesn't mention Xiaomi anywhere.

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2021How is nobody talking about the fact that this S21 Ultra ch... moreActually the 45W was never that fast compared to 25W charger.
Both ended up filling the battery around 1 hour mark with the 25W charger taking 5 minutes more.

0 to 50%(filling up 2500mah) in 30 minutes is a pretty good score.
Sure Xiaomi and others are filling 70% for similar capacity battery with 33W charger.

Nick Tagataka, 14 Jan 2021Having seen Mi 10 Pro/Ultra and S20 Ultra last year, I'... moreThey also do what all Chinese brands do, make them to spy on people they don't like. Hardware you're funding, that they're using to persecute, harass and lock up minorities with.

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2021Samsung Display is gonna sell whatever they want. They do... moreSure, in fantasy land.
In reality land, Samsung has always sold one year old displays to OEMs, with the rare exception for obvious niche models.

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2021You keep insisting on saying it just restricts area of sens... moreNokia 808 had lossless zoom

  • Hungry Joe

Nick.B, 14 Jan 2021So just buy one from US and import it. As exynos will be 10... more100% slower is........0.

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2021The s21 ultra does not house a S pen right?Yes it does not . It just supports it.

  • Anonymous

Samsung will never have a great year sales unless they stop following Apple. I will be honest, I do like the new prices, but I don't like they compromises they did on a lot things. Accessories in the box, no expandable storage. S21+ & S21 1080p screens and the terrible color options just terrible..

Disaster. Terrible price, no accesories, litteraly terrible value for 1200, just avoid this phone and go to other brand which will offer similar package for at leat 300 or 400 euro less

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2021Digital zoom stretches the photo. It does not restrict pa... moreIt's still better than garbage zoom out of Sony Xperia

  • Jumoonji

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2021"Digital zoom stretches the photo. It does not restri... moreDigital zoom =/= cropping. In cropping, you're cutting away a portion of the original picture with all information that the sensor is capable to produce.

In digital zoom, it is the same with cropping, but only to that part. There's an extra step with digital zoom, that is upsampling. This process will introduce more noise, artifacts and lesser details as compared to cropping.

Easy test, take two pictures, 1 full image of the main lens and the other is a digitally zoomed one. In post, crop the full image to match the digitally zoomed one. You'll notice 2 things, 1. The digitally zoomed will have larger file size, and 2. The cropped one will have better details and less artifacts.

Going back to Samsung sensor. It is not a true 100++ pixels (physically impossible with that sensor size). When it is already compromised by its small sensor pushing for a high pixel using pixel binning techniques, coupled up with the digital zoom, you'd get an absolutely abhorrent image vs if you just crop it away in post. So the whatever x multiplication marketed by Samsung is a gimmick, while the 100++ mpx sensor using pixel binning is not a new technology.

I'd rather Samsung keep 1 wide and 1 tele, but with a much larger sensor with a better optical quality. Though admittedly it does not sounds as magnificent as high pixel and multiple x of zoom capability.