Weekly poll: are you getting a Galaxy S21, S21+, S21 Ultra or are you sitting this one out?

17 January 2021
Samsung unveiled its new flagship trio and kicked off pre-orders this Friday. Will you buy one now, in the near future or never?

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Allready preordered Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 512GB After a week I should get from my telecommunications company.

I'm sure it's in the comments but this is the year Samsung sees how much it can get away with. I'm certainly not letting that happen...

  • Mar52

OK, no charger in the box, 2of3 1080p, no micro s/d expansion? The very first base model that's PLASTIC & costs 800+ dollars? Nah, keeping my FE, that plastic I can live with because the phone only cost me 549.00 buck-a-roos. Plus it does everything that I will ever need or want. Go ahead spend your 💰🤑! The time I have ever witnessed Samsung playing the money grab game! Yikes!

  • Shiny Dave

If the Exynos 888 is actually going to deliver maybe I'll get a used S21+ next winter? The refurbished market here (UK) is basically Apple and Samsung even though you can get plenty of other brands new either from carriers or separately, and as an Exynos market the only recent S phone even worth considering is the S20 FE 5G.

If the ROG Phone 3 pops up used at the same price I'd get that instead for sure though. I don't have to be an FPS gamer who uses the AirTriggers and huge refresh rate to appreciate the general longevity of the package in terms of SoC performance, battery life and maintenance, and screen quality. And Asus not yeeting the bezels into oblivion is a real usability advantage for me as I can sometimes still be clumsy with my touch inputs.

I just play with it, and the camera's are good and sound is nice, for s21 ultra, but overall built is very poor like a cheap phone, from my point of view at this amount of money, is not worth it!!!

  • Victor Bui

I'll wait for note 21 ultra if its coming otherwise I'll stick with my note 10+, still my favorite

  • Anonymous

I really want this phone but it's missing expandable memory. With 8K video, why even have a 128gb version? Hopefully the Note 21 Ultra will have expandable memory.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Jan 20218 bit doesn't mean 16M colour child! I don't need... moreWell said.

  • Anonymous

Sponge, 17 Jan 2021Those survey results aren't looking promising, there i... moreApple can make whatever they want and ppl will still buy iphones.

- Apple removed jack, nothing happened. Other lost clients when jack was removed.

- Apple does not ship charger, ppl go and buy charger. Other will surely lose costumers by not shipping charger.

I just wait 2100 vs.888 tests

All of these phones are pretty appealing, but I'm not buying either of them.

Those survey results aren't looking promising, there is a reason Apple is very careful about what it offers and what it removes, 1 small thing to someone maybe a larger issue to another, years of galaxy fans are something that Samsung certainly shouldn't be upsetting.

The Galaxy S10e, S10 & S10+ were good phones, its not as though the S20/S21 phones are a bad range but I personally think Samsung pushed up the factors on the S20 phones just a little to high and as a result the price as well.

The S21-series may be cheaper across the board but with those things that have been removed its either an inconvenience or ends up a phone which isn't all that balanced in features, specifications and build quality and yes that does include putting a plastic back on a phone looked on by the consumer to be a flagship.

The iPhone 12 Mini may not have all the number, bells and whistles but everything it does offer is of a high quality as well as very likely meeting the expectations of those who are interested in the device, hence the very fact a phones features should be balanced well even if I think the iPhone 12 Mini could forget about 5G at an even cheaper price...

Removing micro sd card slot it's a BIG mistake!!! No charger it's ok,no jack it's fine...Considering it's just January, Samsung has time to design an s21 model with sd card slot.Many of Samsung users needs a house for their large storage micro sd card.I got my 1tb sandisk and i will not throw it away!

Only the S21 Ultra is considerable among those. The S21/S21+ duo are absolute trash. That is not up for argument.

  • Anonymous

biggle, 17 Jan 2021Am not sure if there will be a S21 FE. They have made all t... moreThere are still ways for Samsung to do cuts and create S21 FE ...

20 FE uses ddr4x instead of ddr5 like 20/20+/20U.
The gorilla 5 or 6 on screen instead of Virtus.
The cheaper 8MP 1/4" instead of more expensive 64MP 1/1.76".
Worse ultra wide, 20 FE has 1/3" instead of 1/2.6".
Ufs3.0 instead of 3.1

  • gan

gsmarena.com team are very intelligent , they do not bash or give negative comments on these companies and be in controversy....so they invented polling system which is the best way to show the reality to these companies...

AnonD-923722, 17 Jan 2021Can anyone tell me what's wrong with the S21 series by... more1-Slower? WTF, UHS-III can transfer up to 624MB / s, 8K only consumes 300 per second, I don't see the slowdown you are talking about
2-Old? I guess they can remove the battery and screen. because they are "old", no bluetooh transmission reaches the quality of Jack 3.5 mm
3-I guess you prefer they put a 480 screen, because it "consumes less", 1080 in OLED is equivalent to a HD LCD screen, which is unacceptable on a high-end and on a 6'2 inch phone
4-LOL, I don't care if Apple and Google have a slower one, I want the best for me, or are they competing which one has a slower load?
5-"When you use a case" and what do we not use? Besides, plastic retains 70% more heat than glass

Am not sure if there will be a S21 FE. They have made all the cuts on S21. In fact S21 seems like the S20 FE upgrade.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Jan 20218 bit doesn't mean 16M colour child! I don't need... moreScreens 8bit do not have ability to properly reproduce the most correct colours. Every content recorded in 10, 12 or 16bit is gonna be " compressed" to 8bit.

10bit also allows to reach bt2020 gamut, while 8bit can't go beyond dci-..

By the way, first 10bit screen = Sony Xz2 (and haters say they do not bring new stuff). Firstly ignore, now ppl here demand 10bit screen, LOL.....

Gonna wait for :
Rog 4
Xperia 1 iii
LG V70
Find X3 pro
Upcoming Vivo Nex
Mi mix 4
Meizu 18
Zenfone 8 pro
At last upcoming Nokia flagship