Flashback: the original Samsung Galaxy S was a best-seller that spawned an empire

17 January 2021
It launched 11 years ago and there have been many millions of Galaxy S phones sold over the last decade. It is still one of the top Android lines.

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It's a nice, portable phone.

LyleJP, 17 Jan 2021You guys forgot the Verizon Continuum, a Galaxy S with a se... moreAh, that's a good one. I tried searching through the database for the more interesting variations, but I missed this one.

The second screen was a bit for a thing for a while:


Shui8, 17 Jan 2021The only good thing about it are AMOLED. Nothing more. U fo... moreTouchwiz had full UI hardware acceleration. Something they brought from Tizen. No other Android device had this. It was still hampered by the Lego design of Android back then, but they were the brand turning Android into a real daily driver alternative. HTC, SonyEricsson, Motorola, all sticking to what Google did fell years behind in evolution.

Had one, was very bad to use!

You guys forgot the Verizon Continuum, a Galaxy S with a second screen below the capacitance buttons.

  • Anonymous

Has the the 2 ,3 and 7 edge. Thinking about the Ultra now.

  • Anonymous

Duck of death, 17 Jan 2021Today: The screen was superior to LCD. In 2010: All infl... moreHade the Samsung wave , was hooked to Amoled after that.Tried a few LCD phones but was always dissapointed.

  • Shiny Dave

This was actually almost my first Android too.

I was using a Symbian Nokia keyboard phone, the E63 I think, at the time. I then got a job that involved travel to unfamiliar places, so I needed GPS, but I was nervous about using a touchscreen with my coordination difficulties. Certainly I couldn't get on with the 3.5" iPhones of the day. I ended up trying a Galaxy S in a network carrier store - can still vividly remember spending half the time talking to the assistant in the store, she happened to be an aspiring opera singer and I had a lot of friends in that boat so we talked a lot about that as I tried to work out if this 4" screen was too small for me to use.

Ultimately the Dell Streak came out and that was my decision made. My first Samsung would inevitably be the OG Note instead. To think both of those screens have a smaller diagonal (though not a smaller area) than the iPhone 12 *mini* shows the direction of travel in the intervening decade...

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me and my wife had Galaxy S and Galaxy SL back then.
for daily use, we barely noticed the differences between S and SL (except for the vibrant screen).
so, the Galaxy SL was worth the money, since it was a lot cheaper than Galaxy S.

Those were the days when samsung used to be innovative/creative rather than following or copying crapple

Flac support right from the launch was main reason for me buying this, though most important feature is a Jack for me now, reason for abandoning galaxy line was mostly because of successive fails to deliver devices regionally and their camera policy which went from sharp 16mp wide sensor to traditional ratio 12mp with blurry like processing.
Actually the reason they still are some empire is because of huawei fail to take over and xiaomi being in question now, its like they loose any competitors.
Sadly audiophiles are minority so its becoming way harder to choose a phone now that there is way less of competition.

The only good thing about it are AMOLED. Nothing more. U forgot to mention how horrible TouchWiz UI is. Crash after crash, lag & stutter after few month, horrible experience after a year.

On that particular era, I rock on Sony Xperia. Glory days.

Samsung manufactures most of the hardware needed for an smartphone, yet their flagship smartphones are disappointing.

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I only had one Sumsung phone, I got it for the memory slot but after a coupe of months sadly the card stopped working. The phone stopped reading any card. After a few months it was so slow that it was impossible to use it. Then I got the iPhone 4 and I never bought anything else but iPhones. My iPhone 4 is still working perfectly well, recently I changed the battery and it makes an excellent, tiny MP3 player, it takes descent photos and most importantly runs some old school apps.

My first android device. What a phone for this time!!!!

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Loved this phone so much

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walkman8, 17 Jan 2021I owned it. It was absolutely horrible. The first devic... moregood luck, this years models suck imo

no sd card slot, extra 70 dollar SPen (wtf), no more MST (so samsung pay lost its main advantage), etc

  • Mr fink nottle

Thanks for the memory flashback
Those were the good times.

  • SamFan

Phone sizes are getting ridiculously big. Samsung, please bring back smaller sized phones.

  • OdysseasP

walkman8, 17 Jan 2021I owned it. It was absolutely horrible. The first devic... moreSamsung Galaxy SII also had terrible battery life.