Xiaomi denies any ties to the Chinese military in response to being blacklisted by the US

15 January 2021
The company's statement comes less than 24 hours after the blacklisting had been announced.

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Anonimus, 18 Jan 2021yes, yes, country a is very humanity, please drink bleach, ... morehaha, and please dont wear mask, dont worry " it will just go away' just like he what he promised.

Lyndino, 18 Jan 2021Funny how I follow Trump on Twitter (or did) and have never... moreWhat i meant was for the app of Parler, not twitter. Trump's twitter is for the entertainment part, just imagine somebody that has an IQ of 69 , trying to pass to be borderline /average. its too funny , a 13 year old teenage girl has more maturity on their tweets.

Any big business in China is in some way controlled by the Communist Party. If Jack Ma as much as criticizes government, he gets in hot water. So will other companies who don't play along.

When the weapons aimed at US soldiers, the planes flying dangerously close to US planes and barring freedom of navigation (on international waters), militia "fishing" boats bullying US allies, and the technology spying on US government - are being funded by US investors, something must be wrong.

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Anonymous, 19 Jan 2021What's wrong with a company XYZ working with the milit... moreOne thing to consider would be that it wouldn't just the military of any country. We're talking of a country whose government has no sense of privacy and collects every piece of data they can on their citizens. What if they are doing the same to every Xiaomi consumer?

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I rememeber Microsoft working with us goverment.. .. ..

Well, just prove it xiaomi

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What's wrong with a company XYZ working with the military of their nation?

JDK, 18 Jan 2021Destroy free speech? Even IF all of trump's state... moreTotally agree. And why US "swarmed" with "pesky snakes"? The answer is easy it's because US still one of highest income per capita in the world. And it is normal everyone want to going there,it is like country side people move to city.
If US want to get rid of it,simple make your country income like $400/month,then no one Will going there.
Same analogy with why Apple or other US company don't want make factory in US (then blame China for it). Believe me if we can find worker in US that agree to get paid $400 / month,even without Trump instruction,these company won't go to China

Anders, 18 Jan 20211 - Yes The Left are trying to destroy free speech, and the... moreLOL big tech destroying parler? The left that YOU are describing are putting charges ON facebook and twitter FOR that anti-competitive practice. In fact, both democrats AND republicans are targeting against big tech for their anti-competitive practices. If democrats are secretly siding with big tech, then why are they scrutinizing them?

And before you say there are no such liberals, look at elizabeth warren, shall you?

And for biden calling black people who vote for trump "are not african-american"? First of all, telling them that they aren't supporting their own race is not racist nor does that stir up violence. It's just a simple "if you vote for trump, you are putting pressure on your own race", that's all.

And yes, the BLM movement have some rioters who destroy nearby property. Same as the civil rights movement: some protestors resort to violent acts. But there is a difference to who is against the capitol building storm and the BLM movement: One are white nationalists who absolutely HATE african-americans and will do ANYTHING to get rid of them. Another are police officers with a 50-50 left-wing and right-wing going against the capitol hill protesters.

Police officers are trained from the start to seize criminals/rioters instead of shooting them.
White nationalists? No training. Even if the police officer's training was POO, it would still be better than the white nationalists. There were literally stockpiling EXPLOSVIES to throw at jewish people.

Look at one group, atomwaffen:
Go to the "How is the group linked to violence?" part.
nytimes is left-wing, but the list of acts are facts.

And yes, I guess you can blame the parents for coming to the U.S in the first place, but think about this: IF those parents could have obtained a legal citizenship in the U.S, they WOULD! You would just need to apply, no money needed! But, some have great, great trouble renewing their citizenship, or spots are limited.

Now did you read the podcast I sent you about carlos's secret? You notice, that majority of the population in carlos's city didn't even KNOW that he was an illegal immigrant until they heard from the authorities.

Most of the times, stories on the news are talking about mothers just getting speeding tickets and being deported in return. So if illegal immigrants SOMEHOW bring violence, then only the violent ones should be deported, not the ones just getting speeding tickets. Some moms also have children born into the U.S already, so what are you gonna do? Seperate the family and blame the mom for migrating into the U.S in the first place? First of all, the baby has NO control over this situation, and second, it's not humane to the baby.

I'm not against illegal immigrant enforcement, I'm just against separating families in the process. You either find a way to move the baby along with the family, or you keep the family there.

JDK, 18 Jan 2021Destroy free speech? Even IF all of trump's state... more1 - Yes The Left are trying to destroy free speech, and there aren't "thousands of choices" you know that is a huge exaggeration.

2 - Yes I wouldn't be surprised if The Left told people to "make their own internet" because when Trump and many other Conservatives were censored the Leftists would say "it's not an attack on free speech, you can use another service" then when people did start to flock to another service namely Parler big tech with the full support of the naïve Left destroyed Parler, proving that this is absolutely an attack on Free Speech and anticompetitive practices from Big Tech

3 - Joe Biden has absolutely no intention of "healing the divide" he refused to condemn violence from Left Wing groups calling Antifa "just an idea" he told black people who we're thinking of voting for Trump that "they ain't black" he said the Trump supporters who entered the Capitol were treated much nicer than BLM rioters even though 5 Trump supporters died including an unarmed woman who was shot in the neck (Ashli Babbit) and completely ignoring the fact that BLM were allowed by police to annex part of Capitol Hill and declare it independent from the US (CHAZ)

4 - "Drain the swamp" referred to corrupt politicians, not immigrants

5 - Guess who's to blame for illegally invading the USA knowing that they and their kids will be processed separately as are all adult and child criminals? It's not the USA, it's the parents illegally entering the USA. Legal hardworking immigrants of all ethnic groups are always welcome, illegal freeloaders who just want handouts are not. Nothing to do with ethnicity, everything to do with attitude and legality. Trump actually did very well with the Latino vote, they helped him win Florida where his Latino support there grew significantly

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CommonSense, 18 Jan 2021Not strange for me. Do you think that US nuclear different ... moreExactly! Only the other guy is blatantly joking or threatening countries of getting bomb.

  • XTR

Easy to know if Xiaomi is connected with china military, are the chinese officials and state media defending it strongly?

Anders, 17 Jan 2021Democrats have tweeted saying they want Trump put in a fiel... moreDestroy free speech?

Even IF all of trump's statements are completely right, any social media site has any right to ban them cause there's thousands of choices. That simple. You can create an account with a click of a button.

Earlier you claimed that democrats are gonna be asking civilians to make their own internet. And let me ask you: is making your own INTERNET the same level as creating another account on another site? You guys KNOW that you are pushing everything to the extremes without pointing out reality, and you use the most extreme examples to back up your points.

And I have no idea about this Kathy Griffin, but look at joe biden's twitter. Did he ever say anything about violence? His ENTIRE campaign is to heal this country after trump's damage.

And let's say you claim that trump didn't CAUSE any damage, which you often do claim. Let's see, what's HIS main campaign phrase? "DRAIN THE SWAMP". AKA drain the world of who? Drain the world of immigrants. Seperate kids from their families. Deport the "snakes" from the U.S.

You guys keep on claiming WE are inhumane when you are repeating the same thing over and over again:
"We don't care a f*ck about those immigrant families. We don't care if you have to seperate 2 year old kids from their families in order to get rid of those pesky snakes. We don't care at all. We only care for the wellbeing of white nationalists and trump supporters, and everybody else does not deserve the care of the country."

Dartax, 18 Jan 2021This is a strange decision...Apple and Xiaomi are produced ... moreNot strange for me. Do you think that US nuclear different with north Korea nuclear? Beside who own it,i don't see any different xD

HovadoLesni, 18 Jan 2021He didn't have to create one. I don't like Trump ... moreYes,Communism is evil but democracy is not angel either. Everything in this world have light and dark side,even for "freedom". Are we want to see everyone buy groceries at market bring riffle at their back just for "freedom" sake? Democracy won't tell you what right what wrong,it only tell you who has bigger number. If 3/4 world population said 1+1=3,then it Will be 3

Anonymous, 18 Jan 2021Yeah he created an evil image of China and fought against i... moreHe didn't have to create one. I don't like Trump at all but one thing he is right is that communism is evil. Been there seen that.

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People just can't behave , the circus is on and on

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Only Apple and Samsung will be available if they continue to ban all companies.

GSM Boy, 17 Jan 2021I guess we have different views on what we consider as viol... moreFunny how I follow Trump on Twitter (or did) and have never seen this tweet that you speak about. Where did you see this tweet?

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coco0721, 17 Jan 2021Future-wise, will Xiaomi also be banned from accessing Goog... moreSince Trump was not reelected I wouldn't expect Xiaomi to have any further problems, none at all.

If chinese virusphones are to prevail I would rather see Huawei come back, they were so much higher quality than Xiaomi, apple would be really sweating to death by now/