Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds Pro get hearing aid function in first update

18 January 2021
The update also brings sound balance adjustment options and improves Bixby Voice wakeup responsiveness.

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  • 26 Feb 2021

It works for me. The ambient sound option has a volume control in the app that when set to high actually amplifies external sound via the Galaxy Bud Pro's microphones. Granted, the mics are there primarily for the noise-cancelling function, but hey, the 'hearing aids' capability is a function that I've been looking for in standard commercial Bluetooth earbuds for years now.... since my hearing started fading with age. About time there was an affordable high-tech DIY alternative to hugely overpriced 'prescription ' hearing aids. This is a market-changer in my view.

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    • 21 Jan 2021

    It is time that tws manufacturers improve hearings capabilities for olders customers, many of them with hearing problems and so giving them the opportunity to hear music with a greater sound experience by customising and individual TWS programming.

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      • Anonymous
      • 47Q
      • 19 Jan 2021

      This is not to enhance hearing like a hearing aid.

      It only allows you to make the sound coming from one bud louder or softer than the other.

      So you can balance the sound between your ears.

      The article misinterpreted the update. Or maybe the readers did.

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        • 19 Jan 2021

        quite good of a function. but remember to consult your ENT for an advice. it doesn't hurt to ask for help. though I think doctors are going to be troubled by it since they have to learn this too...

          Anonymous, 19 Jan 2021Hearing aid required Audiologist tunning base on hearing te... moreEven if you go to Dr to do a hearing test. 90% of the work is done by the patient.
          like the audiometry test there is an inbuilt "personalized sound" feature in samsung music. you can try this audiometry test to adjust your head set to enjoy the music.

          So it is just a matter of saving the setting in Buds pro. Technically this is simple, because modern day electronic filters are easily programable.

          I am very certain this will be available in bud pro.

          Note- check the audiometry feature.. 1 go to smasung music app, 2 hit the equalizer bar ( the sound graph bar on top right corner) . 3 go to adapt sound, 4 press the big blue button "personalize your sound.
          connect your headset or blue tooth to test this.

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            • KZK
            • 19 Jan 2021

            Hearing aid required Audiologist tunning base on hearing test conduct in audio clinic, how would Samsung Buds Pro user with hearing loss able to tune them ? but if Samsung Buds Pro can replace a Hearing Aid then it would be a good news to those with hearing loss, a basic hearing aid easily cost USD 1000 & it's too expensive for many.

              That's nice of samsung

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                • 18 Jan 2021

                Makes sense, they look like hearing aids 😂

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                  • 18 Jan 2021

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