Affordable Samsung Galaxy A32 5G will arrive in the UK next month, Galaxy A12 launches today

19 January 2021
The A32 is Samsung's cheapest 5G phone yet, the A12 is kind of like a 4G version of it. The entry-level Galaxy A02s is coming soon as well.

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  • Anonymous

GalaxyOneMate, 31 Jan 2021Damm what's the heck is wrong with the UK tax jesus th... moreNot all countries,

Damm what's the heck is wrong with the UK tax jesus these phones are so much cheaper in other countries

  • Anonymous

Hmmm wondering will we see non 5G variants of A32 and A42 with better specs

  • Anonymous

Would've been interested if 1080p.

galaxya71user, 19 Jan 2021Why doesn't A12 have Android 11?Not powerful enough to run it maybe
Dont take my word for it

  • Matyasnazaretskyy


Why doesn't A12 have Android 11?

Flagship gaming performance for HD screen plus dimensity 720 that will be nuts

Wowsers, these phones are terrible.

  • Shiny Dave

So you could get a Galaxy A32 for £250 or you could get an A41 with a far sharper screen for £239 or an M31 with beastly battery life for £245. And that's not even getting into the China phones that gain market share every time a rival pulls a nonsense move like a £250 720p phone.

  • Anonymous

so bad why even 720p resolution in 2021 ?

  • Arod

i rather buy the oneplus nord n10 ( $20 more) with a better display, faster charger (idk about the mediatek soC) the this downgraded verson of the a31 with a trash display