Samsung Galaxy M31 receiving Android 11-based One UI 3.0 stable update

20 January 2021
It comes with January 2021 Android patch, redesigned UI, and new features.

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  • amit bhandari

their is a problem while playing freefire in m31s.
when i play freefire, next day it erases all my game data.
plz.. givw me a solirion

  • Shiva

I reasently updated my Samsung galaxy m31 one ui 3.0 to 3.1 to reduce some bugs
.but my expectation was completely gone.i finded 6 huge bug even 3.1 update πŸ˜‘. Battery drain. Heating issues.lag and thoch problem and scrolling problem. And auto back while using some apps .so please don't update your phone πŸ˜’

  • Anonymous

after updating the One UI 3.30 Software my samsung m31s mobile was not turning on.

Please give any solution to my issue.

  • Damte

It’s interesting how I can buy this mobiles

  • Jerry

After update, i'm facing network issues. sim calls are not smooth like before. How to solve this problem?? And also heating problem. πŸ‡§πŸ‡©

  • sofia

after the update wifi direct share is not available?

  • Anonymous

After the V. 11 update, video call option from the contact not available and added e-mail option. can anybody tell, how to add video call option again in to this.

  • Param

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2021My phone is restarting again and again, don't update y... moreI am facing the same issue. How did you resolve it

  • Sk gamer

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2021My phone is restarting again and again, don't update y... moreYou might wanna hold power button and volum up or volum down button then select reboot. It should solve if it doesn't then contact samsung or visit you nearest samsung store

  • Anonymous

My phone is restarting again and again, don't update your software. You may have to loose your data as well

This update enabled haptic feedback (finally!). Although the UI stutters hasn't entirely gone away, the redesigned UI is a welcoming change.

sfq, 22 Jan 2021Dont try this update!!! my device is keep restarting, altho... moreThe same used to happen with my relative's 6 Month old M31, it turns out to some kind of defect with the motherboard as mine got changed. If your phone is under warranty, try changing it.

  • sfq

Dont try this update!!! my device is keep restarting, although new UI looks nice but phone is getting hang sometimes and automatically restarting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Akhilesh smg

When will the update to samsung m31s?

  • Ishan

cilginosman, 21 Jan 2021Has they fixed the lag/stuttering issues on recent apps, ap... moreYes they fixed it

  • Anonymous

What about M30s

  • Manoj

Luigge, 20 Jan 2021Hope it comes to the m51 soonI hope will get soon in Samsung m30s will get android 11

Release date please

  • Ariyan

Am from Bangladesh
I use Samsung m31
But still i Don't have got Android 11 update

  • Abhiram

Will samsung m21 get it

  • M21 user

When will it come for Samsung galaxy M21