Rugged Ulefone Armor 12 with Dimensity 1200 chipset incoming

20 January 2021
It may be the first rugged phone to be equipped with the new 5G chipset, though it will be a while before it launches.

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  • Love the Community

What's this? A flagship armored phone!? Now that's what I'm waiting for. Enough of this low spec armored phone bull. Phones like this deserve flagship chips only.

Mr ulefone Put in armor 12 appropriate battery (8000 or 10.000 mah) and im in

  • Anonymous

Have the Armor X7 Pro. Can do it all, fast enough and cheap.

  • PTW

Give me OLED and I'm in

  • Floostar Sane

I bought my Ulefone Armor X6 mid last year through Jumia. It reached time and it became too slow in charging; over 6 hours and still can't charge 100% full.

Oukitel have rugged 5G phone for like 9 months.

  • Amurikin

Mitatblazzer, 21 Jan 2021Made in China everywhere.. Lets see how dorable thay are..... moreBelieve it or not I have owned many different brands of rugged smartphones and so far ulefone is the first phone I've ever had for longer than four months and I actually just switched over to another you'll phone cuz obviously my other one did break but after two years of being tormented and how many bubble baths it took with a toddler and his terrible twos I would say that thing was almost indestructible I have a short temper and that phone had been run over thrown through a window thrown down a balcony it had been through a lot and I could not believe the thing didn't even crack or chip

  • ismailniazi

hi ULEFONE Representative,

ULEFONE is not in Pakistan please come to Pakistan proper channel

  • Mitatblazzer

Made in China everywhere..
Lets see how dorable thay are...
I love doogee technology cau#e has modules power bank hi-fi speakers etc... But i dont like android pie 9
Wish all the best ULEFONE

P-CHM, 20 Jan 2021S4 Active. S5 Active. S6 Active. S7 Active. S8 Active. They... moreFinally someone has come out of they're way to point this out, we need more FLAGSHIP rugged phone's out in the world, and as far as I know the armor 12 is just a midrange phone!

Dometalican, 20 Jan 2021Wait... didn't they JUST release the armor 10 months a... moreULEFONE Armor 7 Owns all signal frequency bands in the United States🙂

  • Leviahan

If this is getting back the thermal, I`ll be sure to get one

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2021Finally a rugged phone with flagship CPU! Now the main q... moreYou want a rugged phone with half day battery life? How will you charge your phone if lost in wilderness?

  • SBP

WOW, the 12 will go to the proverbial Spinal Tap 11!!!
Can't wait for this phone to be released.

It's interesting that a rugged phone(that's supposed to be very low-specced) is getting this good of a chipset.

  • Williams

If only it would support the 5G bands used by my carrier... Apparently the 5G phones sold by Rogers aren't even capable of using the bands they purchased, so anyone who buys their 5G phones will be wasting $2k on an LTE phone unless they unlock it and go with a different carrier with compatible frequencies.

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2021The first time in history (and yes I'm even excluding ... moreS4 Active. S5 Active. S6 Active. S7 Active. S8 Active. They all have the same flagship specs of their non-active counterparts, with bigger batteries and MIL-STD-810G on top. And a CPU+RAM aren't flagship specifications on their own. Finally, the Mediated Dimension 1200 isn't a flagship processor. Unless you consider the Exynos 1080 as a flagship too...

  • Anonymous

The first time in history (and yes I'm even excluding the Samsung Galaxy s6 active) that a properly rugged phone has Flagship specs

  • Anonymous

Finally a rugged phone with flagship CPU!

Now the main question is... Will Ulefone FINALLY realize that people want a compact rugged phone? So far all of their rugged phones were schizophrenic, that is - they were rugged, to attract the sport enthusiasts and people who work in manual labour, but they also were enormous to attract couch potatoes who watch movies and play videogames. Literally every single of Ulefone's rugged phones were enormous bricks, so my expectations are slim for this one as well.

  • startagl

I hope they take into account the many suggestions being made about a new device.

- kick @$$ speaker
- thermal camera (would be nice)
- not a huge screen. 5.7 area
- 8mpx camera that can be set as primary. I don't want or need 12gb pictures.

Love my Armor 7