Samsung Galaxy S21 preorders expected to surpass the Galaxy S20

21 January 2021
The biggest increase comes from unlocked phones, carrier-bound orders will remain the same.

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It could be because they offer free buds and wireless charger when you pre-order, and it might do well in its home country but I doubt it will do well on the rest of the world (and I hope it doesn't do well so Samsung can see that consumers aren't that stupid to begin with).

  • AnonD-940827

Enjoy the ghost touches xD

This is going to age very badly.

S21/S21+ are worse than S20/S20+ in hardware. Only the design is better, and even that is subjective. It would be absurd if it outsells it's predecessor.

  • Anonymous

Soo these r the peoples who supporting their money plans

Preorders mean very little, Sales are what matters. I am among the preorders, but I've given up on purchasing after I saw those criminal photo samples on GSMArena preview

  • MrHong

It definitely will but I don't expect a huge increase.

  • Anonymous

I call BS on these kinds of "Industry Insiders" leaks before release and these sort of fluff piece reports to push up the hype and create some FOMO rush.

Every year the same old clowns try to create the self fulfilling prophecy of "sales this year is the best year, better than last year!" by any means.

Financial sales report, where a company cannot BS it's way out with PR spin is what really matter. And to get those legit numbers up for when the time comes, companies like low effort samsung, start the hype train real early and get buyers onboard their ripoff express.

This is sad news...

  • Dr. Phone

It's ugly this phone

umeshk, 21 Jan 2021Despite being nothing new... (Apart from 10x on ultra)Depends on who is buying though... Some are upgrading after 2-3 years

Despite being nothing new... (Apart from 10x on ultra)