Samsung Galaxy A82 might be in the works with a flip-up camera

21 January 2021
A word of caution - the rumored Galaxy A81 from last year turned out to be the Galaxy Note10 Lite. Not a bad thing, perhaps.

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  • Duwlatkhan
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  • 25 Mar 2021

6.5 inches okay

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    • Kxf
    • 13 Feb 2021

    Shady69, 21 Jan 2021and it would be even more expensive than the A80 that still... moreActually maybe same price and little more expensive, because samsung may use plastic like nowadays flagship, not glass and aluminum again

      defiantly not Qualcomm chip . exynos 1080 defiantly better

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        • Ejx
        • 22 Jan 2021

        Instead of the A82 I really hope it will be a new note model. It’s coming up to the same time gap with the original S20 phones and the S20FE. So based on that theory we could be getting a Note 20FE which I think would be even better. I think this based a bit on my love for note phones but also because seeming the S20FE did so well, Samsung could release the new note phones to continue that trend of popularity. I mean think about it, it will be a large Dynamic AMOLED screen, an s pen, a great processor most likely, 120hz and more all for a more affordable budget. I think this would be the best thing to release over a usually mediocre A series phone.
        And personally, I love the note 20 ultra but the cost is just too much for a phone that’s getting replaced by other phones that are a few hundred dollars cheaper so a renewed note phone that isn’t doo doo (note 20) and won’t break the bank (note 20 ultra) would be amazing.

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          • 8js
          • 21 Jan 2021

          Newer Qualcomm, improved camera and larger battery from A80, and the 3-year upgrade.... That all you need as a successor!

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            • 21 Jan 2021


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              • 21 Jan 2021

              The underdisplay camera is NOT a replacement for pop up, flip up or the A80 flip slide up, or the Find X Slide Up, it is a different thing, exactly like notch and punch hole aren't the same, and they should NOT be discontinued because of underdisplay camera as many still want them and underdisplay camera isn't a perfect solution, if anything it proved to be the worst one.

                P C M, 21 Jan 2021A80 with exynos 1080 and 108MP camera.Lol, 108MP camera is way too optimistic. I'd rather have the same ISOCELL GN1 50MP sensor that Vivo uses on the X50 Pro+ and also the X60 Pro+.

                  I'd like to see an A62 and A82, the A62 would basically be an A52 with a large battery I suppose, and the A82 would have the flip camera.

                  Also I wouldn't mind an A92, although I'd rather have an S21 FE

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                    • 21 Jan 2021

                    A80 with exynos 1080 and 108MP camera.

                      If they can implement this elegantly without making the device thick and heavy, it could be a winner.

                        YUKI93, 21 Jan 2021Please let it be a real A80 successor! The A80 should defin... moreThe massive camera mechanism takes up to much room inside the phone for it to have a bigger battery, they could make the phone bigger but it is already big enough.

                          YUKI93, 21 Jan 2021Please let it be a real A80 successor! The A80 should defin... moreI agree

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                            • 21 Jan 2021

                            Note 21 Fe should please fans, as FE was said to be fullfilling fans wishes
                            It should have :

                            1. Microsd slot
                            2. Top end chipsets
                            3. 5G
                            4. Headphone jack
                            5. Stylus built into the phone
                            6. Triple cameras similar to the s20 fe
                            7. IP rating
                            8. Stereo speakers

                              It's funny how IPhones still have that giant notch ToHaUsEaLlThEsENsOrS which are basically useless if you put a fingerprint sensor on the phone which is faster and more secure

                                and it would be even more expensive than the A80 that still costs almost 400 euros and a 730 soc

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                                  • 21 Jan 2021

                                  They definitely should make A82 for real with that same or improved factor..every phone is same nowadays...

                                    Please let it be a real A80 successor! The A80 should definitely deserve a newer chipset and a bigger battery. I just hope that Samsung still offers native FM Radio support like in any other A series models. That's the reason why I love the A80 a lot - you can use the bundled USB-C earphone to act as an antenna for offline FM Radio use despite not having a 3.5mm audio jack. Not many phones without 3.5mm audio jack can do that. The last time I saw a phone that can do a similar thing as the A80 was the LG Wing 5G.