Amazfit Stratos 3 Review

25 January 2021
We test Amazfit's smartwatch aimed at athletes and sports enthusiasts.

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  • tVv
  • 14 Oct 2021

I bought it for all the listed features. Very disappointed. I used Samsung tiny Galaxy Fit and that small device can detect my nap perfectly. Some apps don't work specially stress and oxygen reading. The watch have the capabilities but you cant use it cause the damn apps either don't allow you to use it or its listed one day and gone the next day. When I bought this watch the stress features is available in the watch but not in the phone apps, WTH! If you need a Smartwatch find another brand.

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    • 05u
    • 18 Feb 2021

    bought the stratos 3 like 2 months ago for outside runs as an upgrade for the amazfit.
    I'm going to start with the positive points of this watch. 1: u can ad a strava-account on the zepp-app. 2: the gps is slightly better.
    That's all for the positive things about it.

    negative: 1: you have to start the music before starting a run, and after 1 minute, it disconnect with the bluethoot earbuds (also xiaomi earbuds). 2: if not on wifi, the notifications come in late. 3: it starts vibrating even for old notifications you already have read (pretty annoying) 4: after a few weeks it often started vibrating after a notification and it keeps vibrating for like 10 minutes. 5: it's not user friendly at all. 6: the battery is good for the first month, but after that it starts to drain faster and faster. 7: way to expensive for what you get. 8: if it gets dirty, it's nearly impossible for cleaning between the screen and the case.
    And there are a lot more negative things about it!

    now after 2 months I litterly threw it in the garbage can and started using my amazfit again. I was thinking about selling it, but I didn't want to settle someone else up with this crappy overpriced smartwatch. so please, be smart and don't buy it. normally I don't throw anything away before it's broken, but I got mad of this stupid watch.

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      • Gag
      • tZk
      • 26 Jan 2021

      Anonymous, 25 Jan 2021this watch is expensive, i can actually a buy a poco x3 nfc... moreConsider affordable with those functions provided by the watch… still cheaper than Garmin and Suunto… btw Expensive and No Money is 2 different thing and i quite sure you're the second one…

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        • tadej
        • MmU
        • 25 Jan 2021

        alyy8128, 25 Jan 2021been using this almost a year. Not sure is my unit got issu... morethere should be at least 2 updates. I think 3. But, you have to connect watch to wifi first, than check for update. If You dont connect it to wifi, it says it is up to date.

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          • spIKE
          • MCX
          • 25 Jan 2021

          Amazfit is alive today because of his community. The hardware is impressive. The phone App is decent, when it's work (I had quite often connection and sync issues, loss of activities and step counters for weeks). But here comes the firmware. Any new update create new problems. You mocking your customers with the quality of the firmware, GPS fixing took over 20 minutes, the path recorded looks like a drunk man way to his home, crashes and overall a lack of service availability.

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            • Oxfordgreen
            • pXb
            • 25 Jan 2021

            Lyndino, 25 Jan 2021Maybe you picked the wrong workout?I had the same problems. Outdoor activities crashed during the record, may caused by lost GPS signal. After that the watch screens senseless numbers and you have to abort the activity without saving. So in my opinion the watch is useless for tracking outdoor activities.
            Customer service also replied to wait for firmware update, which never has been released in more than 6 months, although they "know" about this problem!!
            After 2 watches has been replaced, I finally switched to Garmin.

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              • Doros
              • d%d
              • 25 Jan 2021

              alyy8128, 25 Jan 2021been using this almost a year. Not sure is my unit got issu... moreHappened once here after update but I reset the watch and it worked fine again, and it's been working very well and good battery

                alyy8128, 25 Jan 2021been using this almost a year. Not sure is my unit got issu... moreMaybe you picked the wrong workout?

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                  • p%L
                  • 25 Jan 2021

                  Phone app is very bad and getting worse during time ( all software development is very weird).... Amazfit app was great about 2 years ago.
                  Now Amazfit Stratos 3 (and other products?) have problems like using bad templates for sport tracking e.g. cross country skiing (and all ski activity) uses downhill template (another template does not exist).. Total downhill distance is not kind of distance you want to measure during cross country skiing. This problem is not patched for 4 months.

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                    • alyy8128
                    • bJb
                    • 25 Jan 2021

                    been using this almost a year. Not sure is my unit got issue or not. The watch will crashed during workout. It been happen for months and the customer care only replied to wait for firmware update. Been updated once, but yet the issue still happening.

                    Can't really rely on it. Disappointed.

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                      • y6V
                      • 25 Jan 2021

                      this watch is expensive, i can actually a buy a poco x3 nfc with it.