vivo X60 Pro+ unveiled: camera monster with 1/1.3" main sensor, upgraded gimbal stabilization

21 January 2021
The phone also has two telephoto lenses - a 5x periscope and a 2x portrait lens. Also, new image processing algorithms to run on the S888 chipset.

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Anonymous, 21 Jan 2021Sony brings eye AF to xperia. Vivo does same. Sony does ... moreI know this comment is a month old, but I'm just pointing out that Vivo has been using various high end mobile DAC + amplifier including ones from Cirrus Logic on their phones since X5 Pro, released in 2015.

The orange/gold looks nice, too bad you can only get that color with a cheap plastic back.

  • Anonymous

One of the perfect phones of 2021 (shame about the curved screen). If they sell outside China, it will be a bestseller.

  • Holger

I can’t wait for a European version.

I have the X50 Pro, use it for vlogging and LOVE it! Now for sure I want the X60 Pro+ (I'm based in Bangkok Vivo if you want me to test one;)

Aquinoes, 22 Jan 2021It is true. I used to have a LG V30. After that, phone manu... moreI moved from DAPs to mobile phones back in 2015. The Vivo X5 Max was a revelation to me as far as analogue sound quality was concerned. Also with this all-for-one & one-for-all approach with smartphones, the phone provided great convenience.

The last five years have been great for audio in smartphone space, LG & Vivo produced some great audio centric smartphones in this time. Other makers like Meizu, Xiaomi & Lenovo also produced some one-off great audio flagships in this era. I enjoyed a lot.

However nothing is constant in this world, the smartphone business is constantly evolving and now we have this trend of TWS and headphone jack-less flagship smartphones. One has to understand in order to pair TWS with a phone we do not have to remove the jack. But why will the consumer buy a TWS let alone use it if he already owns a wired headphone? So remove the jack and force the consumer to buy a TWS. It is all business as TWS is multi billion dollar industry.

I have some capable audio centric smartphones which will take me through next 5 years, but after that if we still not have any decent audio centric smartphones ... I will switch to DAPs.

Imaagine oppo find x3pro next month. Vivo and oppo are one company

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2021The phone outputs analog audio through usb? I never know th... moreWhy not? When you charge your phone through usb port you input some power measured in watts. In the same way your analogue headphones consumes some power measured in watts which is output through usb port.

  • Anonymous

RishiGuru, 22 Jan 2021You use the DAC via USB port. The phone outputs analog audi... moreThe phone outputs analog audio through usb? I never know this, this is new for me, is it possible?

  • kek

Nice looking and all, but we are talking about Vivo here. I have never ever heard about Vivo giving support or something to their global versions. They are just a few step ahead of Meizu, which is completely dead outside of China due to the same issues.

Either way, that orange phone looks dope and leather back is a cool idea. I'll give them that.

  • Holger

I can’t wait for a European version.

  • thetruth

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2021You can expect even better portrait shots than iphone 12 pr... moreits not the camera, but its the photographer

  • Aquinoes

RishiGuru, 22 Jan 2021According to latest news if LG wraps up their 5 years strai... moreIt is true. I used to have a LG V30. After that, phone manufacturers increasingly cornered the audio aspect.

And I moved to a dedicated MP3 player: an Hiby R5. As I don't listen music on the move, just at work, I don't mind having a separate piece of hardware for that. I paid for a dedicated hardware, but I obtained: spectacular performance, total compatibility with music streaming services and its own battery. I don't care anymore about music quality on the phones. The Hiby DAP (digital audio player) is supposed to survive several generations of phones.

If your phone is not your main 'music player', or even then, the solution provided in vivo phones is quite decent: it lacks a proper jack physical output, but it retains a good audio processing,--the included DAC is more than appropriate--, and they provide a 'dumb' physical adapter.

My 'price to pay', is that in the same bag I carry my earphones, now I carry the adapter.

  • Size doesnt matter

I love the camera setup! This seams really WOW! But: the case is to big! Why there is no device with such a insane camera setup and the size of a Samsung S10e or Pixel 4?

  • Aquinoes

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2021How does the speakers differ between the mi10 and the x50, ... moreXiaomi Mi 10 speakers were truly outstanding. Only bit of hardware I miss out.
But I don't usually listen to music through speakers. For just ocasionally watching youtube, the vivo or any phone speakers do the task, while the included DAC + included adapter + some good earphones are much better (and private) than any dual speaker.

The same goes for SD slot, or IP rating. For me are not big deals, while the speed, battery, screen and photo quality are flagship grade. The software experience is unobstrusive, it is almost stock (and translated to multilanguage) Android. I don't experience any coverage or NFC payment problem (as has been the case in the past with some imported chinese phones).

  • Anonymous

4200 mah battery on such a huge phone with 5g.. nope

  • Flashash

Why can't they give a 3.5 jack on top? Just need to drill a hole... another bricks !!

  • Anonymous

You can expect even better portrait shots than iphone 12 pro max with the addition of 32mp 2x telephoto

YUKI93, 22 Jan 2021That is why I applaud LG for keeping the audio jack. They d... moreAccording to latest news if LG wraps up their 5 years straight loss making smartphone business, I will fall under those unfortunate group of people who lust for quality analog audio from smartphones.

I have a collection of audio centric smartphones which I have build up through years. With my recent experiences with LG G8X and its audio capabilities, I will definitely miss the brand if unfortunately the bad news turns true.

Other than LG I relied on Vivo a lot, but that has faded with the introduction of X50 Pro+ & the recent X60 Pro+. The last great audio centric smartphone from Vivo was NEX S with ubiquitous Cirrus Logic CS43199 (DAC) + (3 X Analog Devices SSM6322) op-amp configuration. NEX S falls under the ultra rare group of smartphones that are capable to playback huge native DSD audio files (from internal memory) for supreme audio quality through headphone jack. No FLAC file can reach this level of audio purity let alone MP3. I say ultra rare as in the entire (Vivo + IQOO) lineup of 186 phones only two are capable to play native DSD audio, the NEX S & Xplay6.

X50 Pro+ was not able to outdo NEX S in audio front and the same will happed to X60 Pro+.

RishiGuru, 22 Jan 2021You use the DAC via USB port. The phone outputs analog audi... moreThat is why I applaud LG for keeping the audio jack. They do know that to get the best Quad DAC experience, audio jack is a necessity. It cannot be done wirelessly or with an adapter dongle.