Weekly poll results: the Galaxy S21 Ultra is the favorite, but popularity of the S21 trio is in question

24 January 2021
No member of S21 lineup got more than 40% approval.

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sohail shafayat, 25 Jan 2021It has 0.8micron pixels. Definitely small in size. More de... moreYou are only considering pixel size.
In simpler terms, smaller pixel size = less light gathering ability.
In daytime, 0.8 micron size will still give great results making the 108mp images more detailed than other 48MP/64MP/12MP sensors.
You are also ignoring the big elephant in the room which is sensor size.
Bigger the sensor = more light gathering ability.
A bigger 1/1.33" will always let in more light compared to Pixel with 1/2.55" sensor.
You just hate the 108mp number yet you think Huawei marketing their Quad Bayer 50Mp
is perfectly fine.

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2021Have you even touched the phone yet tr°ll?? Passing judgmen... moreLOL glastic is still plastic.

50% glass and 50% plastic? whatever, it's worse build quality than the 100% cermaic shield glass from the so called "toyphone".

i0S...Never...Again, 25 Jan 2021Ever heard of gcam?? That 108mp Xiaomi camera destroys ever... moreAnd the 108MP sensor on the Samsung is a next-generation staggered HDR sensor, meaning that it has even greater dynamic range, as well as lower rolling shutter issues, as well as greater exposure latitude, since it combines multiple HDR frames, even before multi framed HDR is combines across consecutive shots, to improve dynamic range, noise and detail. And produces these HDR photos in 12-bit RAW.

From Anandtech:
"Instead of taking multiple exposures one at a time sequentially by scanning out the sensor matrix from start to finish, the sensor will start another exposure immediately after the completed line read-out, reducing the time in-between exposures greatly. This should allow for significant less motion ghosting between the exposures and a sharper resulting recombined HDR image capture than current generation sensors which only have a single active line readout on the sensor."

Samsung should do what iPhones do with Zooming (they use a similar algorithm to Google's Super Zoom), and Improve Details in the 108MP and even 12MP photos, which is, they use post processing to improve detail and sharpness even further. It's like built-in lines of the algorithms, which actually improve the resolution and detail in the final image, via AI, after the photo has been taken, thereby circumventing many of the limitations of the actual sensor, even beyond regular HDR image processing.


Maybe next year, Sammy will release an S22 Mini (?).

TheLastOracle, 25 Jan 2021There is no single best sensor. Then what's the criteria

i0S...Never...Again, 25 Jan 2021The 108mp images are actually more detailed as long as ther... moreIt has 0.8micron pixels. Definitely small in size.
More detailed?? Than what?

I saw on real all Samsung s21 series. Really they are very very good. For sure will be outperform any oppo vivo oneplus and ext. Overall Samsung is better and have a huge sales and you can find it everywhere but chiness are cheep in china and the rest of the world is more expensive and not enought quantity . This will be year of samsung and apple as well . The rest forget .

Samsung is a wealthy true, competitor to Apple. As such, if they are are going to mimick Apple by omitting a micro SD card slot, why not blow Apple out of the water, and add 1 terabyte of internal storage (an amount worthy, of flagship models no less) spread across all 3 models? They certainly can afford memory as such. Note to Samsung: as they say in the game of poker: go all in !

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2021Exactly. I rather have the camera of a Pixel phone (where a... moreEver heard of gcam?? That 108mp Xiaomi camera destroys everything on the market with gcam. Heck my OP8 pro with imx 689 destroys everything out there with gcam.

BTW the image quality of Pixel and iPhone detoriates sharply when you zoom in, as they are using small sensors.

sohail shafayat, 25 Jan 2021cause you'll hardly shoot in 108MP mode, if you you sh... moreThe 108mp images are actually more detailed as long as there is enough light.
It's definitely not a gimmick.

You need to first understand why they used a 108mp Nona Bayer sensor instead of a 12mp regular Bayer sensor before making judgements.

The 108mp number would have been a gimmick if the sensor size was small. This is one of the largest on the market right now.

sohail shafayat, 25 Jan 2021anyway, Sony’s incredible IMX700 is the best mobile cam sen... moreThere is no single best sensor.

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2021Exactly. I rather have the camera of a Pixel phone (where a... moreanyway, Sony’s incredible IMX700 is the best mobile cam sensor till now, if you can pair it with Zeiss lenses, proper stabilization and a proper ISP.

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Rrrr, 25 Jan 2021Is it me? Big Samsung fan and I understand the marketeers d... moreThe S8/S8+ series were one of the best from Samsung in recent years. They were ahead of their time. Remember they were competing with iphone 7/7 plus series back then. Lol. No comparison.
My friend has a S8+ bought from the beginning (so, almost 4 years old). And even today the phone performs very good. And the build quality and materials are top class. Just the battery is slightly worse, but still he manages one day battery life.
Imo, everything went downhill from there.

I don't mind plastic S21 but if this phone had like 4500 mah battery and like just little bit cheaper it would have been a great option but Ultra is definitely the best but can't afford it so I hope they launch S21 FE this year too

Is it me? Big Samsung fan and I understand the marketeers don't give you the perfect phone for many reasons. I'm not price sensitive.

However, I don't like two things:
1. The marketing push to the ultra. Samsung gives the ultra the best performance and features. It's obvious why as it's the most expensive one. But it's short sighted. It has to do with the below.
2. The focus on size: I like big screens and have big hands, had the S8+ and didn't enjoy it. Loved the S8 of my wife she's unwilling to trade up. I have the S10 now and it's too wide.
3. The marketing cohort endlessly comparing speed and already starting to insinuate to wait for the new GPU based phones, but forgetting battery heating and duration in the comparison.

Samsung forgot a whole class of consumers here: give us a fully featured flag ship phone the size of an S8. I'm sure in the next generation the battery will last longer and it'll be more than fast enough. Don't sacrifice performance or features. I'll buy it for any price.


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Anonymous, 25 Jan 2021Well, majority of people put cases on their phones nowadays... moreI prefer the weight of glass, the cold touch of it and just the way it feels in hand. Like I said, ultimately it's a cost thing. On 300€ phone I'm willing to make compromises like case back material. Not on such expensive phones. This way S21 entirely dropped out of my selection even if I was willing to go with Samsung (which has the least garbage updating of devices). The S21+ with glass back is just too expensive at that point as I'm not gonna pay 1k € for a damn phone. 850€ for iPhone XR back in the day was already the most I ever paid for a smartphone. And I'm sticking with that. Plus, I don't want even larger phone...

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AnonD-804996, 25 Jan 2021I would sense it when it would get all worn out and scratch... moreWell, majority of people put cases on their phones nowadays, especially with the cameras sticking out on the back. I don't even recognise the phone models anymore when people show me their phones with cases on.

I switched between glass back and plastic back phones in the last years. And to tell you the truth, I felt more comfortable with plastic back phones. Even though they had less quality, they felt easier to hold (also they weigh less) and I wasn't afraid of dropping them.
But, you are right and I understand your point too, plastic back on very expensive phones is just for profit. But, I am afraid more and more companies will follow this trend in the future to cut costs and make more profit.

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Anonymous, 25 Jan 2021On the price point you are right. Whatever you want to call... moreI would sense it when it would get all worn out and scratched from most careful use. Only time I would accept plastic back is under 2 conditions. That the phone is cheap to begin with. And that it's solid single color plastic, preferably white because it makes scratches less visible, not this fancy painted stuff (for same reason I never liked anodized aluminium phones coz they all worn out in a very ugly way). I've had feature phones back in the day that had painted plastics and they all got scratched and worn out with regular use and I take care of all my stuff. Glass even if it has micro scratches it's still solid glass and won't wear even when taken from pocket 200.000 times. Painted plastic will always wear out on edges and have horrible scuffs because solid plastic underneath the fancy paint on top starts to poke out. Solid plastic, even if you take out chunk of it still has same color. None of these fancy shimmering rainbow plastic backs have that. I've said it many times and I'll say it again. Plastic back on a 300€ phone, perfectly acceptable. Plastic on a 800+ € phone, no, just no. It's a clear and disgusting increasing of margins and defending such BS will lead to a point where only 1500€ "flagships" will have glass and everything else will use cheap a** plastics.

SpiritWolf, 24 Jan 2021One of main reason for me to buy Huawei device (besides bei... morei don't work at the FBI or some sort of terrorist or has a secret 1million project so I'm actually honored if google is spying on me lol jk but seriously i don't think they are or will or even care about my data and that's still something I'd pay for thei services it's impossible to except a phone for daily use without google ! i don't understand how are you even using yours and probably yours is spying on you too lol for instance that's huawei's reputation and since there isn't like alot of you huawei system users so it's easier to spy lol and you can never tell me you're sure they aren't spying
and about the camera it's the least i care about and the rest of the components i think Samsung offers better value and specs especially since i get to buy snapdragon which is the best for gaming but i really wanna try the new exynos it seems promising

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There's no polite way to say it when it comes to advertising Samsung is probably the phone world's biggest hypocrite. It ruthlessly made fun of Apple for removing the headphone jack from the iPhone until it did exactly the same thing on a ton phones. It made fun of Apple for removing the charger from iPhone boxes until it did exactly the same thing with the S21.