Weekly poll results: the Galaxy S21 Ultra is the favorite, but popularity of the S21 trio is in question

24 January 2021
No member of S21 lineup got more than 40% approval.

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  • Anonymous

I'm voting with my wallet against these crippled flagships. No SD card and the variants with 512GB are always out of stock.

  • Anonymous


actually, you must add another choices for people :

"Not for me thanks, no money"

  • AnonD-923722

Hope the Huawei P50 Pro impresses me. Since the Mate 40 Pro is dissapointing. For an £1100 phone, It lacks OIS, proper ultrawide lens, 120hz, high quality OLED panel, Bright display, Colour accurate display, and an 512 GB option .

  • AnonD-923722

Xiaomi Mi 11 killed the S21 Plus easily. Mi 11 Pro or Mi 11 Ultra will do the same for the S21 Ultra. Just like how the Note 20 Ultra and S20 Ultra is killed by the Mi 10 Ultra.

most voters are simply Chinese brands fans so basically a phone this price won't be for them since they only get the cheap stuff
for me I'll wait more hehe for the price to drop lol 🤣

  • Anonymous

Aquila, 24 Jan 2021Just bought a p40 pro for 440 euro, sealed... if the p50 comes with harmony OS then I will buy it

  • Aquila

Just bought a p40 pro for 440 euro, sealed...

  • Natasha

No impressive the looks