Realme Watch 2 full specs and design revealed by FCC

22 January 2021
It isn't that big an upgrade over its predecessor.

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Is anyone facing battery drain in their realme watch 1 like me ?

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    • rajiv
    • PT}
    • 22 Jan 2021

    first update existing gadgets in time was supposed to updated realme ui 2.0 of 6 pro by December....uhhhhhh

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      • GVS
      • D07
      • 22 Jan 2021

      Square watches have more screen size and usable area than circular ones

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        • Anonymous
        • vjs
        • 22 Jan 2021

        so i just bought replacement straps for my realme watch and then this news came out the next day after I received my new straps...

          right always, 22 Jan 2021Another Apple Watch Copy,,,!My first thought.
          Why can't these innovative chinese companies make a watch that projects a 3d hologram that sits about 1 inch (2.5cm) above the watch. Are they waiting for someone else to bring the concept to life and then improve on it?

            Another Apple Watch Copy,,,!