LG K42 makes it to India with military-grade durability and low price

22 January 2021
The phone was initially unveiled back in September.

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Chambroso, 23 Jan 2021admit it, at this price you can find better options than th... moreI don't know if you are aware of a term called "BUILD QUALITY". Cheap Chinese crap has flooded not our markets but minds also.

  • Pete

Why would anyone buy an LG now, the home will soon be obsolete when they close down or sell the business.

[deleted post]admit it, at this price you can find better options than this phone

  • Anonymous

does mil std ensure water resistance.

Bye bye LG

  • Kiriggwajjo

Waiting for it to touch the UAE soils😊.

  • kek

My God. A Helio P22 at 150$. No wonder LG doesnt sells at all. Who the hell thought that was a great idea. Even Samsung does better than this on their lower end models.

LG should leave smartphone business. Helio P22 @ $150!! Seriously

  • Anonymous

Well with military grade, at least it will serve as a throwing weapon/brick once you watch the photos taken with those cameras and the performance of the P22 against more modern and updated phones at the same price, lol.