OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro's key specs tipped

23 January 2021
Both are rumored to arrive in mid-March.

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I don't get it. The OP9 is the exact same phone as the OP7 with the same yearly refresh SoC, barely any camera upgrades, no software enhancements or new hardware, same lame aesthetics BUT with with a higher price tage compared to the OP7 Pro ($749) at launch.

It is so easy to separate a fool from their money!

  • Anonymous

Why a curved display.... OP Oppo/Vivo edition.

Bodygard, 23 Jan 2021Cameras Oneplus, cameras!! Focus on cameras! It's wher... moreOne does simply not buy oneplus for the camera.!

Cameras Oneplus, cameras!! Focus on cameras! It's where you never caught with the true flagships...

Hi there,
Waiting to get the highest specs for the Oneplus 9 Pro. Hope for a review video of the upcoming device.

  • Anonymous

Whackcar, 23 Jan 2021The lack of periscope zoom seems to be the only buzzkill. O... moreno , only a very very small minority of zoom fanboys will not like that

  • KwantowyYebaka

It looks weak compared to mi11

The lack of periscope zoom seems to be the only buzzkill. Otherwise should be a pretty competitive flagship.

  • KwantowyYebaka

Berserker, 23 Jan 2021Wrong, it is called OnePlus Oppo😄OnePlus has always belonged to Oppo.

  • Kenshi

Great, a new Galaxy S20 FE copy. actually every f****** new phone, i feel like throwing up when i see this exact same design.

  • J.

RW, 23 Jan 2021I was hoping for SD 870 for the non-pro version... :/ Inste... moreHahaha overheating lmao

Wrong, it is called OnePlus Oppo😄

I was hoping for SD 870 for the non-pro version... :/ Instead of that overheating mess 888...

  • AnonD-804996

Sategi, 23 Jan 2021I hope that once curved displays will be history. I would... moreI generally don't have anything against curved edges unless they are really extreme. But if you want to use tempered glass screen protectors, curvatures are a nightmare. On my iPhone XR which only has a mild curvature on the very edges and it's nearly impossible to properly use a screen protector. It's either too much into the display not really protecting the curved edges or it's overhanging the curved edges which looks weird, collects dust between display and protector and you'll shatter the protector quickly since it's fragile where it's overhanging. iPhone 12 should be ideal in this regard as it has entirely flat display this time around. And I think it's the only one with flat display I can think off. Maybe some budget phones also have them, but even there they curve the displays. If you don't use tempered glass screen protector, then it's irrelevant info. OnePlus 9 doesn't look bad. It's just that it won't be affordable and that kinda kills the point of this brand. It used to be affordable with very few compromises. Those times seem long gone now...

  • Sategi

I hope that once curved displays will be history.
I would like to really have Pro version with smaller and flat screen.

so just crap versions of Oppo phones?

  • Anonymous

Booooooring, OnePlus went from Giant Killer to Giant who got killed

settled on oppo