One UI 3.1 update for Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ makes them better at working with your phone and laptop

25 January 2021
The update introduces notes and browser tab syncing with the phone.

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  • Seliah
  • k2H
  • 06 Feb 2021

Yep. Update came through last night. And I want it gone. First thing it did is BREAK my preferred word processing app's ability to SAVE CHANGES TO FILES.

It breaks the ability to adjust search ter ms in web searches if I don't want to retype every word of the search query. The Play Store has a broken UI now. Every app I use on a daily basis is now UNUSABLE after this update.

The PEN function broke. Pen response is now random and scattered.

I want this update GONE. All it's done is make my S7+ tablet USELESS for my daily routine. The rest of these bells and whistles don't mean squat to me if it breaks my daily used functions and apps.

This update SUCKS. I want it GONE until they can do it WITHOUT BREAKING every app and function I use!

    • L
    • Luis
    • rUV
    • 29 Jan 2021

    The best Tab s7 5g ever....

      • E
      • Edward
      • Jvm
      • 26 Jan 2021

      I'm in Mexico but I bought my Tab S7 from Amazon so it has the "American" software, this morning I just got the new update, it's so cool! I don't regret getting it instead of an iPad Air.

        • b
        • bin
        • XTi
        • 26 Jan 2021

        sadh, 26 Jan 2021I thought it was freakin Galaxy S7. I was like ??? It'... moreits for TAB s7 not s7(mobile)

          • M
          • Mark
          • 8gZ
          • 26 Jan 2021

          Best tablet on the market.

            Just got a tab s7+ so it's cool to see this update. I really hope they improve dex mode though. It needs some TLC to smooth out the edges and make it more windows-like.

            I am also loving that I can run any apps in window mode since so many streaming apps have yet to add this other than youtube and Netflix.

              • s
              • sadh
              • tDF
              • 26 Jan 2021

              I thought it was freakin Galaxy S7. I was like ??? It's a 6 year old phone and Samsung still provide? Or is it just the UI without current Android version???

              Then i read again, OH IT IS A TAB.

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • Fht
                • 25 Jan 2021

                Nice !

                  Anonymous, 25 Jan 2021Besd tablet on the market bar none

                    • ?
                    • Anonymous
                    • 802
                    • 25 Jan 2021

                    Besd tablet on the market