Carl Pei launches Nothing

27 January 2021
No, really. That's the name.

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  • 18 Feb 2021

Selling smoke as a touchable thing. The best way to create a big hyper is to do this kind of nonsense.

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    • NeroV
    • ibe
    • 17 Feb 2021

    Carol, 30 Jan 2021The guy is trying to do it differently, but to name your co... moreLMAO!!

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      • AnonD-973296
      • GYi
      • 09 Feb 2021

      i love how his twitter @ is getpeid but he owns nothing if u know what i mean

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        • Anonymous
        • Aq6
        • 01 Feb 2021

        So nothing to show for as well.

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          • Nandu Jayaprakash
          • XMp
          • 31 Jan 2021

          No Name, 29 Jan 2021The 'Nothing' company has just announced on Twitt... moreTrue

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            • Carol
            • nUI
            • 30 Jan 2021

            The guy is trying to do it differently, but to name your company like this, it just calls for trouble. Like praying to be nothing.

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              • Ayo
              • BEd
              • 30 Jan 2021

              CptPower, 28 Jan 2021Well nothing is pretty impressive name. But we expect som... moreIf one was carrying a bar and said apple was a brand around 25 years ago I would either ignore him or..or..yeah ignored him

                Nothing has been launched then why this news, (pun may be intended, I know nothing lol).

                But anyhow, this will probably create more advertisements for itself through the meme business.

                All those people who're claiming its a bad marketing idea... Let me tell you, its a great idea since you're discussing it.
                Bad ideas are those we haven't heard of, or those we don't remember.

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                  • ayekay
                  • rRU
                  • 29 Jan 2021

                  Someone's been watching too much seinfeld

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                    • No Name
                    • M@p
                    • 29 Jan 2021

                    The 'Nothing' company has just announced on Twitter that it shall release the most incredible and unbelievable phone.

                    The Tweet states the 'Nothing' phone shall have the following features:

                    (1) No bezels
                    (2) No notch
                    (3) No punch hole
                    (4) No 3.5" audio jack
                    (5) No micro SD slot
                    (6) No IP rating
                    (7) No power button
                    (8) No volume button
                    (9) No internal microphone
                    (10) No fingerprint reader
                    (11) No camera
                    (12) No flash
                    (13) No Wi-Fi
                    (14) No rechargeable battery
                    (15) No cellular connectivity
                    (16) No ARM chip
                    (17) No display
                    (18) No nothing, that's the Nothing phone.

                    One Plus -1 = Nothing

                    Welcome to the Nothing smartphone.

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                      • dlads
                      • nxU
                      • 29 Jan 2021

                      yu, 28 Jan 2021how did he ruin OnePlus? Please enlight us.I've got the OnePlus 8 pro.

                      Best phone there is at the moment, how did he ruin OnePlus again?

                      Lol u absolute clown.

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                        • dlads
                        • nxU
                        • 29 Jan 2021

                        zz, 28 Jan 2021we dont even know if this is as phone company do we?We know nothing.

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                          • dlads
                          • nxU
                          • 29 Jan 2021

                          What did you get for Christmas?


                            Well nothing is pretty impressive name.
                            But we expect something far better than nothing from name like this and company which got great funding to start,

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                              • AnonD-973296
                              • GYi
                              • 28 Jan 2021

                              -Trix-, 28 Jan 2021Most stupid name in history?r u kidding this is the best name ever since the boring company to exist. even reading the title of this article is funny lol

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                                • SONG GOKU
                                • q2t
                                • 28 Jan 2021

                                AnonD-973296, 27 Jan 2021Guy: oh so where do u work? Carl: i own nothing Guy: so u... moreNice One!

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                                  • zz
                                  • 86i
                                  • 28 Jan 2021

                                  we dont even know if this is as phone company do we?

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                                    • Nothing Man
                                    • nS{
                                    • 28 Jan 2021

                                    potato4k, 28 Jan 2021Probably just part of a scheme for money laundering from th... moreProbably nothing!

                                      Most stupid name in history?

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                                        • 7sq
                                        • 28 Jan 2021

                                        An0n, 27 Jan 2021Sigh, whoever told you is "it's easy to make some... moreYou do better?

                                        A dime a dozen, for all the people who can come up with nothing much different. But rare somebody who can design hard and practical something new and revolutionary for people. Like, you can buy color by numbers picture books too, easy, based on somebody else's work. But, it's relatively too hard for most people to do an original good picture instead

                                        If you won $100 million on the lottery tomorrow, you could ring up and order a rebadged phone with purple and pink lines and green sides, and name it as innovation. But, one wouldn't have made anything much new, maybe claim to get the new Apple. But, that is similar to how modern design works. The chip manufactures produce reference designs to use their chips, and you tie in with other component reference designs, add a bit of your own, and a new motherboard, gpu card, phone. So, people like Apple or Samsung would do heaps of their own. But even they aren't really revolutionary ussually, too hard fur most people