Meizu 18 appears in a hands-on video with under-display camera

29 January 2021
It's expected to arrive earlier in the year than its predecessor.

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  • Bagy

You are the best in the world

[deleted post]What a well constructed and smart answer you got here.
So many arguments, I am speechless.

This is not a leak, it is NOT the Meizu 18.
This is the Meizu 17 (not Pro). How do I know?

The phone is held upside down. This person is trolling GSMArena, they used the cheaper variant for sure. First of all you can see the Radio Band lines on top, which are actually on the bottom of the 17/Pro whereas Meizu puts the top Radio Band lines to the sides at the upper half. Secondly, I can actually the USB-C port at the top side when they move their hand slightly. Thirdly, they're using their hands to cover up the Power Button and the Volume Rocker. Forth, the bezel that you see on the top is the SAME shape and the SAME size as the bezel that is on the bottom of the Meizu 17/Pro. And lastly, I know it is not the Meizu 16th, 16s, or 16-Pro because they have a slightly thicker bottom bezel, with more curved corners, unlike the 17-series which is more boxy.

So how did they do it?
Easy, take a screenshot. View the image in Gallery. Rotate image by 180'. Disable gyro. And take a video and share online. Easy.

Mediatek sux, 30 Jan 2021Wonder why no other oem bothers to even give an option for ... moreBecause they are utterly unable to innovate and must follow every trends without trying to change anything...
It is sad, but true, poor decisions are copied rather than fixed or improved upon.

In fact, it can be traced back to the first notch in the iPhone X (the Essential Phone PH1 was released first but actually got inspiration from leaks of the iPhone X that were way older than him), the big change was Apple trying to remove their massive bezels.
And since they didn't want to move the FPS to the back or the side, but also wanted to compete with Samsung and their Iris Scanner (that prior to the S8 was done through the front camera), they implemented Face ID.
So they wanted to make something other than a bezel, and it probably wasn't thought as a cutout on the display, but rather as a cutout on the bezel itself where the display extended into it to show information, and this is a massive difference!
It would allow to remove the status bar from the display and push it on the dead space in the bezel, that plus a much taller usable (without counting the notch) display while actually having a shorter body than previous phones like the iPhone 8, it was a great idea.
But they made two mistakes...
The first one was to still allow the display on the side to be usable as a regular part of the display, effectively turning a display extension into the bezel as a display cutout, the second was to not make the status bar appear on two lines one over the other to compensate the shorter available space.
Had they done that, it would have (re)started an era of "interactive bezels" somewhat similar to the LG V10.
And we would have had phones with regular bezels but with status and notification bar displayed on it, and most phones today would have face biometric.

The punch hole is basically Android copying Apple as usual, and since on iOS the top is only for status icons while on Android it is for both status and notifications icons, the space is critical on Android, copying the thick Apple bezel quickly showed how bad the idea is, it would have worked fine on Windows Phones that relied on the top only for status too, so the notch that was initially made for hosting as many sensors as possible and moving the status bar away from the main display which helped gained more available display area, got turned into something that not only destroyed the status and notification bar of Android, but also had fewer sensors than any previous modern Android smartphones, mainly considering how loaded the bezel of something like the S8 and S9 were.
But since the idea is still bad on Android even with the narrow Teardrop Notch, Samsung, who by the way never did bite the Apple and didn't made any phones with the large notch, tried to retaliate.
And so, after the Note 9, in December 2018 they made the Galaxy A8s, the first ever phone with a punch hole, which is basically a teardrop notch without the cutout but only the hole itself, and the first Samsung without a bezel, and they were able to freely move it on the side to give this "less interrupting" effect, it was refreshing, but not the perfect solution, in fact it is easy they didn't really believe in that as the next step, as most of their following phones adopted the now trending teardrop notch with the exception of the 2019 version of the Galaxy A9 Pro released a month latter.
It was probably a test to see how well/bad it was received before confirming their flagship, the S10 to put that, I guess had it been poorly received they would have put the teardrop notch on the S10.
And that's how the Punch hole came to light, as a modified notch that was an attempt from Samsung to fight against the iPhone Notch that everyone started to copy.

So, the punch hole is born as a chain of errors, bad decisions and pure capitalism by completely removing the Notch usefulness and keeping its annoyance while making it less effective than the bezel sensor wise, they couldn't make worse...

Demongornot, 29 Jan 2021True, and but the gap, the Meizu 17 apparently can display ... moreWonder why no other oem bothers to even give an option for that. Probably because the punchhole blends in somewhat since most of the time the status bar would be black. It makes it like theres an empty space on side side so this battery ring is still a great idea.

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Hahahaha it's a meizu 17 back words is covering the camera with the palm hahHH

AnonD-973296, 29 Jan 2021yay another under display cameraThe issue is that, if people don't realize fast enough that it is an awful design choice and not the future, it will invade the market like the punch hole did, and when people will realize that it is actually a bad thing (the punch hole was received as the Holy Grail at the time because of how much better than the notch it was), it will be too late...

Mediatek sux, 29 Jan 2021Yeah that meizu looks like it has the smallest punchhole. T... moreTrue, and but the gap, the Meizu 17 apparently can display the battery percentage on the right of the hole, making it totally integrated into the status bar seamlessly.
Though I think it was only done in a pre-production model :
As the punch hole appear to be more on the right on the production model.
But the idea is still here, it isn't a special additional interface but a real integration in the status bar.

  • AnonD-973296

yay another under display camera

  • AngryLithuanian

Ngl, that looks sexy. But where's the power/volume buttons at? Wonder if this will be another attempt from Meizu to convince consumers that you don't need any ports/buttons on the phone, like that Zero concept, that unfortunately failed.

Demongornot, 29 Jan 2021It is still often a big punch hole and make it have an even... moreYeah that meizu looks like it has the smallest punchhole. The s20 series seems about the same size hole too but its in the center. The gap could be removed with some system ui tweak but thats gonna need root.

  • Woohoo

This already looks better than Axon 20 even with the light background

Mediatek sux, 29 Jan 2021The energy ring app can put a battery circle around the pun... moreIt is still often a big punch hole and make it have an even bigger wasted display space, and there is a quite substantial gap between the punch hole ring provided by the app and the next icon, nullifying every pro the concept offer except having one less icon (the battery) in the status bar.
Punch hole are a bad idea top begin with, and only the Meizu 17/17 Pro has an acceptable/good one that actually doesn't waste much space.
Look at how perfectly integrated with the status bar the punch hole :

You can't do a better punch hole than this :
Except by putting no punch hole.

  • Anonymous

Interesting but will it have a global version? I imagine that no. Also not sure which setup of cameras they could add this time. Finally with a periscope camera maybe? Who knows.

Demongornot, 29 Jan 2021An underrated brand who in 2018 when everyone was obsessed ... moreThe energy ring app can put a battery circle around the punchhole for various devices.

120W charging...Charger excluded.

  • Faizi

sd 888 must be included
and body ratio should be more attractive,
selfie camera should be 42mp with imx sensor of sony
wireless charging must be included
gaminh experience should be improved,
rear camera should be 108 mp
5mp ultra wide
2mp depth sensor
3d zoom feature should be included
ai focus zies go version
muhammad faizan

Appealing to advanced technology will not make Meizu popular.

Cool design

  • Kyo

idk why everyone say its a bad company, i had Meizu 16s Pro, and it was amazing and comfortable to use, i like the design and the software was very cool !!