Here's Apple's 'Shot on iPhone' special for the Chinese New Year

29 January 2021
The 2021 Chinese New Year special is about a little girl and a mythical creature.

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  • chi

oxyo, 31 Jan 2021"LUNAR" New Year, NOT Chinese.bro, lunar new year is Chinese new year

  • Anonymous

oxyo, 31 Jan 2021"LUNAR" New Year, NOT Chinese.100% correct. Too many people kissing CN butt

"LUNAR" New Year, NOT Chinese.

  • .alpha

The story is so contrived. I know the story of Nian but this is so forced with the poor acting and dialogs. They really should get Miyazaki to make this.

  • Anonymous

It really looks like its being shot on a fixed aperture, fixed wideangle phone camera lens. Very nice movie, but obviously shot on mediocre fixed aperture lenses. The Dolby Vision color and dynamic range cannot compensate for the OBVIOUS lack of depth of field effects and varying focal lengths that could have made the cinematography more professional looking.

Bottomline, if you are seriously into film making, you're better off buying a cheap entry level Canon DSLR with kit lens plus an additional cheap 50mm f/1.8 lens or a 30mm f/1.4 sigma lens and get vastly better and more professional results for 1/3 the cost of the iPhone.

As a bonus, the DSLR and lenses won't be disposable and be replaced in 1-2 years time like the iPhone does because the there is no sealed and fixed battery life, fixed phone storage and software won't be slowed down or intentionally crippled by Apple to force you to upgrade to a newer model.

  • Anonymous

YBahadir, 29 Jan 2021World famous photographer Koray Birand made all the video a... moreThese photographers are all on the Apple payroll

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2021wow people nowadays is a critic, full of HATE, can we just ... moreThat's the China we all know. There is a lot more but GSMArena usually removes those comments. You just see what YOU like, an illusion of a friendly world and country...

  • YBahadir

World famous photographer Koray Birand made all the video and photo shoots of Elle magazine's November 2019 issue (for both digital print and physical magazine) with iPhone 11 Pro Max. There are external shots, sighs, etc. everything.

A very serious 3D work (animation) is currently in progress on the iPhone 12 Pro max. It will soon release the animation that it will prepare using only iPhone 12 Pro Max. I suggest you follow ...

  • Anonymous

china and apple , best combo of greed

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2021Should have filmed the wet markets and butchered people nowadays is a critic, full of HATE, can we just enjoy the movie and appreciate the message?! why is it always connected to something you hate. this show is not about what your talking about

  • Anonymous

Should have filmed the wet markets and butchered dogs.

Equipment used alone maybe cost 5x more than the iphone itself. For that high quality cinematic content, it should be. Beautifully done. They just show off how good their Dolby Vision is.

So yeah, it is Shot on iPhone.

Someguy20, 29 Jan 2021Probably not shot on itThey do shoot it on the iPhone.

They just put it on a professional gimbal stabilizer, shoot the pic in controlled studio lighting conditions. Even for outdoor shots, a bunch of external accessories are used to make the photo/video look good and then finally not to forget photo/video editing software to make the footage and pics look good and iron out inconsistencies captured by the original camera sensor.

If I want to see proper 'Shot on iPhone' videos, I'd go to Moment and Beastgrip website. This is a great example from Moment Invitational page:

Here comes a new set of memes

Probably not shot on it