Xiaomi Black Shark 4 appeares on Google Play Console

29 January 2021
The phone will have a Full HD+ screen, 8 GB RAM.

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  • 30 Jan 2021

Asimali700, 29 Jan 2021The word (Kaiser) originated from arabic word قيصر Which... moreTurkish or Roman origin not Arabic

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    • 30 Jan 2021

    I wished GSM Arena would review the Blackshark 3 and the Pro model.

      ericwang, 29 Jan 2021The BS4 will be world first phone with three charge pump(mo... moreThree battery bundled into one with each has its own charge pump? The future of charging speed looks brighter. Imagine not so far from now we will have four charging pump to top up 5000~6000 mAH battery with blazing speed.

        The word (Kaiser) originated from arabic word
        Which mean emperor also

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          • 29 Jan 2021

          the most powerful phone on Antutu, has an FHD+ screen, SD835(most likely an 888 since it is a mistake), 8gb RAM, and it topped antutu charts, bruh moment

            Are we sure it's not Black Shark 5 considering how China feels about the number 4?

              Actually it has an sd 835, and since i have an 855 in my bs2, guess mine is better there.
              It might not be a mistake, while everything else might, such as the antutu score

                This got me tingling

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                  • 29 Jan 2021

                  ericwang, 29 Jan 2021The BS4 will be world first phone with three charge pump(mo... moreRealme X9 Pro is better, no body needs 165 Hz display

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                    • 29 Jan 2021

                    835... I hope not

                      The BS4 will be world first phone with three charge pump(most of fastcharging phone only have two).Then Realme RACE with 125w fastcharging will be the second
                      Charging 4500mah battary in 15mins.

                        Remember,Blackshark isnt belong to Xiaomi,and it isnt a sub- brand or sub-series from Xiaomi.
                        It is just in Xiaomi's ecosystem,like Yeelight,Amazfit,ZMI and Ninebot.
                        Xiaomi own around 30% share of Blackshark(others are owned by founders of Blackshark,local government which support it at the beginning) and offer technology help and market help to it.Most founders of Blackshark were used to work in Huawei.

                          Since I see a number of complaints regarding how hot the SD 888 chipset on the Mi 11, I hope that Xiaomi will try to fix it.

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                            • 29 Jan 2021

                            SDM835 is actually Snapdragon 888, just to correct some errors on the article.

                              Awesome!!!! Yeah!!! Well done GSMArena... Well spotted... Love gaming phones. Need to see this... I like my gaming phone so much... I would like another another one as well.