Samsung Galaxy S21+ in for review

31 January 2021
The middle option with outstanding battery life.

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sammyfan, 31 Jan 2021true...i rather buy note 20 ultrathe ultra has curved display (no thank you) so plus is best alternative because plain 21 is too small

    " all flagship features without breaking a bank" most over exaggerated claim so far. 1000 pound for flagship which has basic internals with s21, thats just unacceptable expensive peace of garbage, it is definitely breaking a bank, please GSM Arena be reasonble with your claims :)

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      • 31 Jan 2021

      Min, 31 Jan 2021All i can say is..i dont like so much these s21 line up....... moretrue...i rather buy note 20 ultra

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        • 31 Jan 2021

        This one should reach 3700 on Geekbench as the final software has been released.

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          • 31 Jan 2021

          All i can say is..i dont like so much these s21 line up....especially the s21 ultra...bcoss the phone dont have any micro sd card if you want to make an is just useless...the phone itself with 8k videos and only 256 gb is not enough actually...n needs the sd card to keep more high quality videos and picture

            From my point of view this phone and standard s21 are not worth the money but Samsung knows that 90% of the users don't care about the the specs they just want the newer version and for them i ask Samsung to charge much more!

              The review is kind of pointless.
              It's a perfect copy of the S20+

              Samsung just wanted you to buy the S21 Ultra and they only made changes on it.
              As a punishment people won't buy anything. Not everyone has that much money to buy the S21 Ultra and not everyone is stupid enough to pay extra cash for the vanilla S21 which is basically the same as the S20.

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                • 31 Jan 2021

                I purchased once s20 ultra, and after some time changed it to S20 +. Ultra is way too big and heavy (and I am not the smallest guy). S20 plus delivered exactly the same in much more comfortable way.

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                  • 31 Jan 2021

                  Dan, 31 Jan 2021Same I love the s21+ , upgraded from the s9 , amazing phone... moreobviously its cheaper than an ultra because its not ultra.hellooo!

                    YUKI93, 31 Jan 2021Hmmm... not sure if there is a point on buying this variant... moreGSMArena posted in this article that S21+ does 19h of video playback on a single charge. S21 does "only" 15h, so it's obvious that the battery on S21+ is considerably better than on S21.
                    Add to that metal finish & UWB.
                    If the phone had a periscope 5x optical zoom borrowed from Note 20 Ultra, or at least a genuine 3x telephoto camera AND if the price difference between S21+ and S21U was larger (it's only around 200 € in my country), I would've bought it instead of Ultra.

                      Hmmm... not sure if there is a point on buying this variant when it's pretty much identical to the vanilla S21 except for the larger screen and the bigger battery. I don't think the battery endurance rating will be any better than the vanilla S21.

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                        • 31 Jan 2021

                        Misfit2Fields, 31 Jan 2021Enjoying mine, nice design, battery infection holds up agai... moreSame I love the s21+ , upgraded from the s9 , amazing phone ! Amazing battery ! Cheaper then ultra

                          Enjoying mine, nice design, battery infection holds up against my old s20+ and it was QHD with 60hz. And I'm running the s21+ on 120hz.

                          Selfish camera is miles better. And I'm enjoying the change with the Google feed.

                            So far liking mine.
                            Battery life is amazing. Seeing over 60% at the end of the day. Looks like I could go 2 days most of the time if necessary. Tethering off shore is a big deal for us, so battery power is more important than a big, high tech screen.
                            I didn't need the fancy camera of the ultra, but thought the battery of the regular S21 wasn't going to be much of an improvement over the S20.
                            Getting my wife the Ultra because she is more into photography than I am and doesn't put it in her pocket where the extra bulk was more than I wanted.

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                              • 31 Jan 2021

                              Lmao, the S21+ has a slimmer chin than the S21 Ultra?