High quality Galaxy Z Fold3 renders bring all the rumors to life

30 January 2021
These are not official, but do take into account most of what has leaked about the upcoming foldable.

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  • Gol

Foldable phones, not for me. Even i get one free, i will not use it. Too heavy, bulky.

  • K

SHAPESHIFTER, 30 Jan 2021These types off phones look like cr@p,all that money for wh... moreFoldable, reliable etc are the future of smartphones. Once regular candy bar style phones gain an under display camera and a stylus, they will be done. Nothing will be there to upgrade in regards to them after that, except for probably specs. And I doubt a lot of people will upgrade for specs alone.

rghaleb, 31 Jan 2021Exactly; a wider, more usable outer display will allow the ... moreI'm waiting for a 'Z' fold that actually folds in 'Z' shape, basically three s21's making a 3:2 aspect or similar.

notafanboy, 31 Jan 2021wtf is a 'fordable'?'fordable is a contraction of the word 'Affordable'...

  • Bruh

Shady69, 31 Jan 2021doubt that it will look like the render, it usually follows... moreI don't think it would be this year let's hope for Q1 2022 and mostly till 2023 even budget might have them under the display

  • Anonymous

potential buyer, 31 Jan 2021i hate the new design of the camera bumps and the plateaus ... moreI use the S-pen with my Note 9 all the time.

  • Anonymous

notafanboy, 31 Jan 2021wtf is a 'fordable'?Xiamoi's attempt at a copy without actually being a 'foldable'.

  • rainai

I refuse to believe that the next fold will have stylus support. Unless, they've somehow vastly improved the strength of the flexible glass used that it doesn't need a plastic screen protector anymore.

Still puzzled why its called a Z fold. What are they going to call the phone they release that folds twice in a 'Z' shape, which would utilise the outer screen properly instead of it being a pointless additional cost

  • Jk19

So samsung thought whats more interesting than a Note...a folding note😁

  • Anonymous

Hopefully they make the Fold3 narrow again like the OG Fold. That was so much more comfortable to hold than the Fold2.

I am going to say bye Samsung

  • Anonymous

Prototype, 31 Jan 2021This suppose to be the first new kind of Note phone, I ask ... moreWhat are you trying to say?

This suppose to be the first new kind of Note phone, I ask Samsung to give us this support from early days when first Fold was just a rumor, sadly they don't care to listen like they did back when note 9 was on the weave!

  • Razz

Will it be dual sim?

doubt that it will look like the render, it usually follows the design of the note not the "s", and if they really think they can pull off a great underdisplay camera they would have used it already, thinking it will be for the next s22.

.alpha, 31 Jan 2021Needs to be wider, like two S21+ or Ultra together.Exactly; a wider, more usable outer display will allow the inner dispay to have a proper aspect ratio and even bigger display.

Should I buy a foldable this year?
Will be expensive but eventually worth it...

Anonymous, 30 Jan 2021Lame design to be honest. This phone should have its own de... moreI doubt if that would be possible. After all, the Z Fold2 looks pretty much identical to the Note20 Ultra.

  • .alpha

Needs to be wider, like two S21+ or Ultra together.