Apple brings out Limited Edition Black Unity Apple Watch 6

01 February 2021
Available now from the Apple Store.

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  • 17 Sep 2021

Anonymous, 04 Feb 2021i love this oneIs that strap is available

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    • Anonymous
    • r92
    • 04 Feb 2021

    i love this one

      Anonymous, 03 Feb 2021This one cost the same as the normal edition.. Why should i... moreI don't know if you know this, but if you buy a Red Coloured product from Apple, a portion of that sale is sent to a charity. It's called ProjectRed and is aimed at AIDS epidemic in Africa. Most of the products have the logo on the device, but some don't, eg certain iPhones yet the proceeds from the sale still directly go to that charity.

      So I thought Apple was doing the same thing with this product. They are not. This is just the same product with a new case/colour. It's meant for the buyers to show off, and show their support publicly. I don't think that's a bad thing. It's not necessarily a good thing either.

      However, as I stated above, Apple is pledging money to these causes independently. So they aren't just virtual signalling, they are putting money where their mouth is. That is commendable.

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        • Anonymous
        • UG4
        • 03 Feb 2021

        Kangal, 02 Feb 2021I just checked, none of the proceeds goto any charity. So ... moreThis one cost the same as the normal edition.. Why should it go charity?

        And which charity should it be targeted at? Buying this is to prove a point, not giving money to the poor.

          Anonymous, 02 Feb 2021This is a nice gesture.So much. Milking 50 USD from people at this time using this ... Whoa.

            making profit out of black people?! SURE.... WHY NOT! RIGHT, APPLE?!

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              • 02 Feb 2021

              Now this is all remained to see. Such a greedy company, now wants to make money in the name of black unity.

                I just checked, none of the proceeds goto any charity.
                So it seemed hollow, but Apple independently has pledged to donate USD $100 Million to charities (within USA ?) supporting these causes.

                I don't have a stance on the issue. I recognize that many people are fed up with this cause and virtue signalling, some instead are passionate, and others want recognition for all races.

                  This is why Apple is named the most adored company ever.

                    Qwerty, 02 Feb 2021Just milking the people regardless of the skin color. Using... moreApple doesn't force you to buy it. If u don't want to be in debt, then don't buy it. SMH

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                      • 7vb
                      • 02 Feb 2021

                      Didn't know apple was this racist... I bet people will lose their mind if they release a white unity watch.

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                        • Qwerty
                        • wch
                        • 02 Feb 2021

                        Just milking the people regardless of the skin color. Using the current issue that led to the US civil war. Nice one Apple for getting more debt in people’s pockets in this age of pandemic. SMH

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                          • 0p}
                          • 02 Feb 2021

                          Hope they bring white unity also.

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                            • 02 Feb 2021

                            ok, what is black unity ? some kinda event?

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                              • GYi
                              • 02 Feb 2021

                              love the color scheme and it is really nice gesture

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                                • fJ5
                                • 02 Feb 2021

                                This is a nice gesture.

                                  It could be better.

                                    Latin americans history month when?