Virtoo is a Your Phone alternative for LG laptops that supports any Android or iOS phone

03 February 2021
It can mirror your phone's screen on the laptop as well as notifications. It also lets you make calls and send texts from the computer.

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Poor LG, since their phone business has not been going well, now thei opt for emulation on lg only laptops? lmao

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    • 03 Feb 2021

    Mediatek sux, 03 Feb 2021Just use scrcpy for android. Works with any android phone a... moreThese restrictions (App X can only run on product Z) are funny sometimes. It begs the question..... Y?

      kanaaka, 03 Feb 2021The "Your Phone" app is not only works for samsun... moreThat's the problem with Microsoft Your Phone for the non-Samsung user. You can't enjoy the multiple app benefit.

        "Note that the requirement here is an LG laptop..."

        Awww, that's a bummer. I don't own an LG laptop right now.

          I think LG had this option with LG G2 with any windows pc in 2013.

            Just use scrcpy for android. Works with any android phone and any windows laptop.

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              • Sujoy
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              • 03 Feb 2021

              Any android user can use scrcpy for this things with mouse support.

                The "Your Phone" app is not only works for samsung or surface devices it works for any android devices. But yes it is limited if we're using other than samsung, like we can't open multiple apps at once, but we still can mirror display to run an apps at once. Notifications and messages is also works as well