Weekly poll results: most people prefer wireless in-ear headphone, the TWS kind specifically

07 February 2021
Wired headphones are still around, but it looks like they are reserved specialized uses - few people have only wired headphones.

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  • Yuck

Tech companies create a (problem) from a (no problem) and then sell you products and service from the problem they created themselves.

Creating phone without 3.5mm jack. ---- Making you buy an adapter or buy a wireless headphone.

Youtube adding more and more annoying ads. ----Making you pruchase Yotuube premium.

Spotify suffocating usage experience ---- Making you but spotify premium.

Facebook allowing you to connect and use services ---- Selling your usage and data.

Freeplay games restricting game usage ----- Making you buy in app purchases.

Apple buying beats- few years ago. I know there is a reason Apple buyout that company. Because they know in years to come they will get that money back.

Its all part of a plan. Good luck to people on earth.

Read about electro-magnetic fields from headphones. They are too close to your head.

  • Anonymous

guess people prefer convenience over audio quality

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Feb 2021Don't exaggerate, €20 wired headphones are still crap.... moreNo, check the KZ ZSN Pro X first

  • Smiths217

Bebochekov, 08 Feb 2021Funny how people talk about sound quality when they are lis... moreNobody cares, lossless music files do have a slight increase in quality but not worth the size they bring. Most people who go around saying that you can hear a difference, just like with open back headphones. Just people who actually have no idea about audio, just instead trying to impress less informed people.

Microphone is where wired wins hands down.
I used several wireless earbuds during work video calls and always get comments how sound is muffled on wireless headphones.

mangyiscute, 08 Feb 2021so where does it say this lol. Also, you're "quot... morewow lmao you must choose a point of view, you can't change it every time you comment

"And where do they say" few "? Read the article lol - they say a lot of people still use"

"Also, your 'quote' says that few people only use cable, which is true."

  • Anonymous

Wired allow FM radio, many over ear phones have wired and bluetooth.

  • AlienKiss

Bebochekov, 08 Feb 2021Funny how people talk about sound quality when they are lis... moreAre you serious? Millennials don't have a clue what a wave file is to begin with..
And we dare to ask for quality products and wired headphones ?? Shame on us! :))
Idiocracy movie turned out to be so accurate! hahaha

Funny how people talk about sound quality when they are listening to Mp3, but I guess that if you have never heard a wave file you wouldn't know what you are missing.

Wireless in-ears are my preference (the type w a wire connecting the buds), especially when it comes to warmer weather. Still feel TWS is technology in it's infancy though - It's transmitting sound into your ears, so why do we put up with random stuttering or complete loss of sound in one ear or another for a second or two every now and again? It's like wearing glasses that defocus for a random second or two every now and again, or sunglasses that go completely clear for a second or two randomly.

i own Sennheiser CX 300-ii about 10 years... they will last even more, so why should i buy piece of cr*p wich last 2-3 years?
for me 3.5 jack is mandatory for choosing the phone.

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2021The bottom line is this: the headphone jack doesn't... moreThis is exactly what I want the answer of.
Even 3.5mm jack doesn't consume so much space, considering we're already doing 7 inch screens & 5nm constructions...
and we came from an era of 2.8 to 4.7 inch screens with 28nm setup and the jack all the time.

Exactly, what is bothering the wireless-only crowd?

You know, I have a feeling the next generation is just picking up whatever they see on internet as cool, and has lost its debating power...
And junk technologies like this, continue to deplete our lithium reserves.

  • Anonymous

The article was obviously edited. Poll results:

28% used wired exclusively

30% use wired/wireless in some combination

58% used wired at least some of the time

Any excuse to remove the headphone jack is pure BS

OhNom, 07 Feb 2021"Wired headphones still exist, but they seem to be res... moreso where does it say this lol. Also, you're "quote" says that few people only use wired, which is true - 30% of people ONLY use wired. Please stop spreading hate online, and read what it says for once.

  • Anonymous

Aeldor, 08 Feb 2021Fry your brains with wireless headphones? Wonderful. No won... moreYeah because they totally run on microwave frequencies, right? Why do you use Wifi? It runs on the same frequency as bluetooth.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2021I never use overears or onears when I'm out and about.... moreYes but when you are at home they are the best.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2021The bottom line is this: the headphone jack doesn't... moreWell Said Bruh

  • Anonymous

The bottom line is this:

the headphone jack doesn't prevent any other feature from being included, bluetooth works even with the headphone jack present.

So why would ANYONE want it to be removed?

Except the greedy mfrs of course.

Fry your brains with wireless headphones? Wonderful. No wonder why there are people voting for those in power today...