Our Redmi Note 9T video review is up

07 February 2021
Check out Angie's take on the new affordable 5G Redmi Note member.

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  • Anonymous

Nice phone.

  • Anonymous

I use Xiaomi
I love Xiaomi
But I hate the way Xiaomi phone name / numbering system were
It's confusing... 9 10 9 10 11 10 9
Not to mention different spec in different region.

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AnonD-909757, 08 Feb 20211. I don't care, I prefer having a supposedly fragile ... moreI also love Pop up camera

  • AnonD-909757

Anonymous, 07 Feb 2021Yea those moving parts will break.1. I don't care, I prefer having a supposedly fragile thing than giving up my privacy.

2. Yeah, they will break, you say that as if the rest of the phone was a perfect monolith able to last billions of years without any issues, turn out, most of the phone will break too.

3. The remaining question is, when will it break, the answer : We don't know, it already proved to last at least 3 years without any issues.

4. Moving parts are way more reliable and strong than people seem to think they are, even if you were to change every other parts that failed, it may be one of the last remaining functioning thing on the phone.

5. If it fails, it isn't a big deal, you only lose the front camera which is far from essential, to the point where some definitely remove or hide it, unlike other KEY components like display, battery and electronic in general who all proved to actually die way more often and sooner than the pop up ever will, and if they are dead you are good to repair, pay for repair or throw the phone away as those aren't secondary things.

6. The pop up have been abused in every ways imaginable and in most time it survived other components, mainly the display, in fact there is much more people writing about pop up "break/moving parts/water/dust/wear" and all that than any actual issues (that can't be easily resolved using the calibration feature) reports and probably at all for the next 5 years the pop up will ever have.

7. The pop up is not constantly wearing out, only when you use it, and if you were to break it because of an accident it ONLY can happen if it was already out, which make things really unlikely to turn bad, and even there, it has proven to be quite tough against drops and even slams.

So yeah, you'll break, the Earth will break, the whole universe will break too.
Does it mean you shouldn't live?

  • Anonymous

Still skeptical about the chip...
I don't know but the spec in general does not attract me much
Anything particularly better than others about this device?

  • Red

4gb only?

  • AnonD-973296

Anonymous, 07 Feb 2021Yea those moving parts will break.thats only if ur not careful

  • Anonymous

AnonD-909757, 07 Feb 2021I do, one with a notch (OnePlus 6t) and my GF one with a pu... moreYea those moving parts will break.

  • AnonD-909757

Andreidinutu, 07 Feb 2021So you don't own a phone?I do, one with a notch (OnePlus 6t) and my GF one with a punch hole, and I know how much I don't want any of those from experience, they are ugly, stupid, they cause problems and don't solve anything.

I won't buy anything that have notch, punch hole or underdisplay camera.

Pop up being a great solution in my eyes, and no front camera would be the perfect one, mainly of the main sensors also have a 3D sensor of any kind that can be used as 3D face recognition.
But I'd prefer having a dumbphone/featurephone rather than something with a notch/punch hole.

AnonD-909757, 07 Feb 2021Punch hole, no buy.So you don't own a phone?

  • AnonD-909757

Punch hole, no buy.