HTC Wildfire E lite announced for Russia and South Africa

08 February 2021
It's identical to the previously announced Wildfire E1 lite.

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  • Keke

I saw this 2 cheap htc phones in my country ( South Africa) but wasn't impressed by the short storage. We need proper high quality HTC phones

  • Poppy

I think this phone is for those who can't afford "FLAGSHIP" device so stop complaining

  • dgg

HTC is toast, my theme store does not function anymore, as I think they are essentially broke

  • AnonD-765530

and southafrican carriers agreed to stovk

  • Anonymous

They are still in confusion.

That humongous chin, that angry bezel, that crying battery, that pale screen, that boring color, those two lonely 2008 lenses, hey, is this phone from Mars? 😞

Helio what? This is for Russia and this is for Africa? What!!??? We know your phone is industry-certified e-waste. Go big or go to hell HTC. 😡😡😡

  • AnonD-961600

Htc wildfire with S888, 12gb Ram, 3 camera, Dragontrial glass, 3.1 memory, 256gb,

Htc, you need highend phones.

  • Anonymous

Even the Moto E 2020 has way better specs than this!

  • Anonymous

STREET PUPPIE, 08 Feb 2021HTC needs to stop with these ODM phones from Lava and other... moreWas U12+ last real HTC phone? There are no longer people around this brand (went to Google mostly), just name left and ODM manufacturing.

  • Anonymous

We used to get the htc flagships in we get this crap...

  • Anonymous

When you realise this is the htc 'flagship'....

Oh HTC please come back properly

Feel like pure s**t just want HTC 2010-2015 back

  • Anonymous

If only this was slightly better specced I'd consider buying it

  • Anonymous

Htc is back with a bang, with their flagship for 2021


HTC needs to stop with these ODM phones from Lava and other.

  • Anonymous

lol this is beyond pathetic