Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro receive yet another ANC-focused update

09 February 2021
This is the second ANC-related update this month.

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  • Mrnovanova
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  • 10 Feb 2021

yalim, 10 Feb 2021still missing the basic functionality, "multipoint&quo... moreThey have multipoint functionality and it's flawless. However it was executed a la Apple. I can go back and forth between my s21 Ultra and my tab s7 plus. Without issues.

    yalim, 10 Feb 2021still missing the basic functionality, "multipoint&quo... moreIn fact they have it ... Only if you have a Samsung ecosystem or a Windows 10 PC. But I agree with you, it's not optimal.

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      • yalim
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      • 10 Feb 2021

      still missing the basic functionality, "multipoint" connection. it's a 4 year old bluetooth feature and still not supported by buds pro. total disappointment. go for jabra 75t or 85t. both have anc, too.

        I wish they port the "double button" feature on Buds+, when you tap on the extremeties (Via "Labs"), you can up/down volume and keep the long press for something else for example.

        That's really missing for me (Even if I can change the song / volume through my watch3) but I still use the Buds Pro since the sound is vastly improved (Due to driver size for sure)

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          • Ali
          • 6PD
          • 10 Feb 2021

          Samsung release bronze colour in buds pro

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            • 09 Feb 2021

            Another product rushed to the market for no good reason other than company greed.

              Can't wait for my buds...Looking forward to try them, as i never had them before...Good news.