Nissan says it's open for a deal with Apple for the company's future car

11 February 2021
Apple is reportedly in talks with other Japanese car manufacturers as well.

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  • AnonD-804996

Guest from the best, 11 Feb 2021After dealing with Renault - Nissan now is more ready to be... moreWell, it's the Renault-Nissan cooperation that saved Nissan and turned it into a very profitable company again. I don't like French things coz they tend to be cheap and crap and I generally like Japanese things because they are usually just indestructible and endlessly reliable, so Nissan has this weird love/hate feel for me. Even if they have poor results in these times, they were doing pretty good before. And probably will again when this mess with virus is over.

I'll never buy from Nissan again after this deal.

  • DJJ

Just slap an apple logo onto a Nissan and call it iCar

  • Guest from the best

After dealing with Renault - Nissan now is more ready to become a bankruptc. As result - they are looking for any investments and and terms of cooperation.

  • gege

aftermarket player... easy

  • I am a God

When you are Apple, everybody wants to work with you

  • kek

I dont even want to imagine what dirty tricks and locked stuff Apple will implement on its car idea.

  • Anonymous

They imprisoned the best CEO that succeeded to make them profits. Now they run with tongue out for any coin.

  • Anonymous

How many car companies are making the Apple car, lol.