Huawei might be working on a game console, but will launch a gaming laptop first

11 February 2021
Honor unveiled its first gaming laptop, the Hunter V700, last year, but that brand is no longer a part of Huawei.

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  • inSyt

Wow, so they complain about been banned by non Chinese countries, but they they ban Tencent from their appstore over a spat?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

Lemme guess,, they cwnt

  • Anonymous

I'd be very happy to see competition in the console industry. I think it's very achievable for Huawei to compete with the ps5 and XSX even with weaker hardware. If only they require third party developers to allow users to have basic control over graphical settings. They would need to value developers and not take a chunk of their profits.. as well as make multiplayer free. they will barely profit at the beginning but i think they need to take that hit to get into this business.

  • iShado

Huawei is simply awesome....yes, I say a console that rivals ps4 and is more portable

  • chicken man

I say build a portable gaming device that rivals the switch, but small and higher refresh screen.

An affordable gaming console that have similar specs to PlayStation 4 since PlayStation 5 is crazy expensive.

  • Anonymous

Good job Huawei... We need more competition

You need to be a big player, such as samsung or apple in order to have a chance at the console market. Come on, microsoft and sony monopolize the home console market, and nintendo does it with the portable one. A little chinese company that no one heard of in the last 2 years isn't gonna have any sort of succes, especially with no games on it. No american developers means very few games. It it's one thing americans are good at, it's games, and if you can't sign an agreement with them, bye bye any console ideeas. Bring the laptop in asap, I wanna see some new competitor there with new chips, but console will only make you lose more money than you've ever made

  • Anonymous

ae86, 11 Feb 2021Doubt ppl outside China will buy this Huawei consoles. I rather have the KFC console than whatever Huawei is making

  • Anonymous

They should make an android gaming tablet with flagship specs and big battery to rival the Switch.

I'm down for the gaming laptop. But a console? Not so much

If it's affordable and easy to get then why won't it sell?

Anonymous, 11 Feb 2021I seem to be the only one here that sees a win for huawei i... moreThe only problem is if there would be game developers who are willing to invest in Huawei's console ecosystem to have another competitor in the triopoly of console gaming platforms from Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony.
Their market share and presence has dropped considerably, and it might be difficult for them to gain huge number of customers since majority of console gamers are living in the US, where Huawei is already banned from selling products to.

The idea isn't bad, but there are so many key factors that play major roles into the success of this bold move. Yes they can definitely pull this off because they still have lots of money to invest, but successfully pulling it off doesn't immediately mean a successful run if majority of their target audience won't be able to access them in their country.

Anonymous, 11 Feb 2021lol compete with sony microsoft and nintendo? good luck.. m... morePfff of course it can, the real question is if it can compete with the ps5.

Doubt ppl outside China will buy this Huawei consoles.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Feb 2021lol compete with sony microsoft and nintendo? good luck.. m... morewell they could go console desktop, been tried before and didn't do so well, but a 3080 or 3060 in a small form pc with proper ui for controller and tv use would sell quite well if it was the right price point and offered a decent experience.

  • Anonymous

I seem to be the only one here that sees a win for huawei in the console dept, as long as there are Dope games on the platform why not?? Not like there’s a problem with PlayStation or Xbox, but why not another?🥴

  • JustSomeRandomGuy

they need actual games instead of Android games only. that is an Ouya part 2 in the making

  • AngryLithuanian

Shady69, 11 Feb 2021you want fries with that? and a diet coke for sure lol thanks the laugh